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 Harley King

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PostSubject: Harley King   Thu Jul 28, 2011 10:45 pm

Name: Harley King
Nickname: "Punk" (Called by his Mother)
Title: None

Age: 19
Gender: Male
Rank: None

Duelist Level: None

Reputation: None

Criminal Marker: None
Duelist Style: None

Home Town: Unknown
Home Country: Unknown
Current Residence: Wanderer, though has taken the last few weeks to explore Neo Domino City

Shuho Kazeyama: Friend / Fellow Spirit Caller
Zeiya Hisaki: Friend / Fellow Spirit Caller
Kai Blackdragoon: Friend / Fellow Spirit Caller
Seth Drakemore: Mentor

Father: A small town tinkerer with a love for the unknown in the world, Oliver King collected artifacts the world over, even taking time to travel to those places whenever money was available, which wasn't often. Harley shared in his marvel, dreaming of one day going on an adventure with his Father. On his last trip, his Father never returned. This mystery has triggered Harley's wish to travel the world, leaving home to find his Father, or to at least find out what happened to him.

Mother: Very protective of her son, when her husband went missing, Nancy became even more so. On Harley's last day at home, she gave him his first and only Duel Monster card, a clue that has sent him to Japan in search.

Out going and adventurous is the perfect description of Harley's attitude. Being a world traveller since a young age, it came with the territory. He sees every day as another adventure and is always excited to face them. While being energetic and usually enjoying the day, he thinks every move he makes over on one of his Father's favorite sayings, "always look before you leap". He is also very encouraging of his friends, the problem being he has never had any with his fast moving lifestyle. Harley is a just individual, understanding of those who break the laws to survive but not those who would cause harm just to do so. He considers himself a "Hero" along with his friends, his mentality that the hero will always win, no matter what.

In regard to Duel Monsters, Harley shares the common love of the game, but especially loves the history, learning most during his time in the city of Cairo, Egypt. While he has a great appreciation of the game, he owned no cards outside of the Grapha, Dragon God of Dark World his Father bought him until meeting Seth Drakemore.


Adventuring Skills: With his constant travel, Harley has picked up knowledge and abilities that allow him to adapt to his environment. These can range from knowledge of animal traits to physically overcoming obstacles, etc. This aids him in the planning of his every action.

Peak Physical Condition: From his years of world travel and survival in wild conditions, Harley has turned his body into his greatest survival tool. While his mind is his favorite method to survive, he is undoubtably fast and powerful.

Dueling: While only taking part in one duel in his entire life, Harley's mind seems to work pefectly with the game. He is a 'smart' duelist, opting to take the easier path to victory that most others would not see. With this he is able to piece plans together with very non-traditional methods.

History: Born to loving parents in a small town, Harley grew up the son of a clock maker and tinkerer. While he wasn't the wealthiest man on the planet, he took care of his family, and Harley shared his love of hard work. He also shared the love of adventure and mystery. While his Father would take his free time studying and when lucky going to the sites he found most intriguing, Harley would play hero in his backyard, One day his Father had returned with a gift, leaving as soon as he arrived, never to be seen again. Struck with the sudden need to find his Father, knowing that he would do the same for him, Harley took off to travel the world, following clues he believed were signs of his Father, taking with him that very strange card.

Arriving in Neo Domino, Harley became quick friends with one Shuho Kazeyama, dragging him into a real life adventure. He is the counterpart of the legendary duelist Seth Drakemore, embodying the blur of light and darkness, essentially the shade of gray within the forces.

Special Powers:
Spirit Duelist: While he has no other cards, Harley has recently realized that he can communicate with the Spirit of duel monsters, even though he himself has never dueled. He never mentions that he can see these spirits, hiding it the best he can. He sees this gift as something to be ashamed of, as well as the difference between other spirit partners and his own. His partner is Grapha, Dragon God of Darkworld, and Harley sees him as a symbol that even those with darkness can find light, and even monsters can be heroes.

Duel Disk - Style: A throwback Obelisk Blue Duel Academy Duel Disk, given to him by Seth Drakemore as a tool to fight the Dark Signers. Has yet to make any customizations.

Duel Runner: None

Other Items:

Dueling Record:
Vs. Dark Signer Zeiro Yurakazi (WIN)
Grand Prix Qualifier (WIN)
Vs. Masked Team (Eliminated 2, eliminated by team captain, WIN)
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Harley King
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