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 Takuro ~ The Snake

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PostSubject: Takuro ~ The Snake   Sun Jul 31, 2011 9:10 pm

Name: Takuro

Nickname: The Dark Snake


Age: ???

Gender: Male

Rank: Dark Signer

Duelist Level: Unknown

Duelist Style: Unknown

Home Town: Unknown

Home Country: Unknown

Current Residence: Technically none

Relationships: Hates most humans and most things in general.

Personality: Takuro is a very sarcastic, sadistic man who loves to see others break down emotionally until nothing is left of their mind but a brain-dead husk. He isn't very duty bound, but he does get the job done and well. He seems to have a calm exterior which hides his hatred of all things and desire to plunge everything into darkness. He also has a vulgar mouth and doesn't seem to take anything seriously.


Talents: Emotional Manipulation

History: ???

Special Powers: Dark Signer abilities, Mental Manipulation, Control of serpents

Duel Disk - Style: A green and black, snake skin duel disk with a Dark Signer design, but not as bulky.

Duel Runner: ???

Other Items:
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Takuro ~ The Snake
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