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 Dark Signer - Lucian Moriarty (Hummingbird)

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PostSubject: Dark Signer - Lucian Moriarty (Hummingbird)   Thu Aug 04, 2011 2:04 am

Name: Lucian Moriarty

Nickname: None

Title: "Future God of the New World"

Age: Unknown (Ceased Aging)

Gender: Male

Rank: Dark Signer (Hummingbird)

Duelist Level: Unknown

Duelist Style: Standard Solo

Home Town: Classified

Home Country: Classified

Current Residence: Unknown (Assumed Deceased)

Dark Signers: As a member, Lucian is a piece of the puzzle. He sees this mission as a simple stepping stone to reshaping the world in the image he wishes.

Personality: An arrogant narcissist, the inner mind of Lucian is as dark as the depths of hell. Corrupted by years of twisted experimentation and thirst for power. He sees everyone and everything as lower forms of being and considers himself a God.


Scientific Mastery: A former world class chemist, Lucian has a vast knowledge of the building blocks of life an how to utilize them to the fullest.

History: Lucian Moriarty grew up an astranged child, marked a freak for his weird love of the macabre. His passion for horror pushed him closer and closer to become a film director, an occupation he'd dream about until is was ceased by his parents. They ordered him that he would become a doctor, and become one he did. Lucian graduated top of his class as a chemist, instantly picking up a job with the United States government. Day in and day out, he would sit in boredom fumbling with diseases he couldn't care less about. Who wanted to cure cancer anyway? This all came to an end once he discovered a strange mutation in a sngle serum. Dead material that came in contact with it seemed to rejuvinate. Lucian went mad, mass producing the virus, calling it "The cure for the world's greatest disease". When it seemed his plan would succeed, he was discovered and imprisoned. Locked away, Lucian was vsited by the spirit of the Earthbound Immortal of the Hummingbird lines. It told him that in death he could be reborn. Taking the plan into action, Lucian took his own life, being reborn as a Dark Signer. Lucian has reinvented his "cure", assisting the Dark Signers in their quest. His thesis: When the souless bodies are left in the streets, he will spread his "cure", bringing their bodies back to life and reign as their new god.

Special Powers:
Essential Dark Signer Powers
Superhuman Speed (To the point it appears like teleportation)
Superhuman Strength
Superhuman Endurance

Duel Disk - Style: Dark Signer Duel Disk outlined in yellow.

Duel Runner: None

Other Items:
Black sunglasses
"The Cure" (Though doesn't carry a large amount on him)
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Dark Signer - Lucian Moriarty (Hummingbird)
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