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 Devil Fruit Power Info - EDITING

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PostSubject: Devil Fruit Power Info - EDITING   Fri Aug 19, 2011 3:07 am

Devil Fruit (or Cursed Fruit) is a mystical fruit that gives the eater strange and powerful abilities that would normally seem impossible. This is the ONLY way for characters to obtain powers that cannot be obtained by normal means. For the sake of this Role Play, there can be up to two of a Devil Fruit. Those who have eaten the Devil Fruit are like a hammer in the water – they turn completely useless in water since the sea rejects these users. They are unable to swim, cannot move, and their powers are completely nullified (This doesn’t mean that touching water will instantly render them useless. Once the water reaches a certalin level of submergence, they are unable to use their powers. As it reaches a higher point, they grow weak and cannot do anything as they start to sink.)

Kairoseki is a type of stone that cancels out Devil Fruit powers by any sort of physical contact with the user. It is said to hold the essence of the sea within it. Depending on how it is used or touch, the Devil Fruit user’s movement will vary (for instance, they are simply weakened when they touch it, but they can be completely immobile if they are trapped in a net of it).
Another note to add is that one user can only have one power. It is theorized that if a Devil Fruit user ate another Devil Fruit, the inner devils will fight it out inside the user’s body until it is completely destroyed.

No one knows what powers one can get from a Devil Fruit. It can be incredibly powerful and useful or utterly useless and pathetic. Regardless, all Devil Fruit users are considered ‘monsters’, ’freaks’, ’devils’, and much, much more.

There are three different types of Devil Fruits. They all depend on the type of Devil Fruit, however.

Paramecia – They are the most common type of the Devil Fruits. They gain super-human physical abilities or powers, alter features of their bodies/environment, or could generate some kind of substance. Certain powers can allow the user to be immune to certain powers (Rubber deflects projectiles, but cannot deflect sharp weapons).

Zoan – Zoan users are able to transform into an animal. The user can be a hybrid of human and beast or fully turn into a beast. There are fruits for ancient and mythical creatures, however these are extremely rare).

Logia – The rarest of the three types. Logia gives the users the ability of an element (fire, water, lightning, etc) as well as every ability related to that element. They can disperse, control, and rejoin any part of their body while conscious and in control of the powers.
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Devil Fruit Power Info - EDITING
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