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 Profile Template

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PostSubject: Profile Template   Fri Aug 19, 2011 11:47 am

Name: (Yeah, everyone has a name, you know)
Gender: (Male/female. This isn’t pokemon with Genderless option.)
Race: (Human – yeah, name states it all.
Fishman – Unlike Merman (Mermaids and such), Fishman is basically a humanoid fish. They are able to breathe under water and above and their strength far exceeds an average human.)
Origin: (North/South/East/West Blue, Grand/Calm Line. If they came from a specific island mentioned in the anime, name it as well. Regardless of where they are from, they will all be in the East Blue. Characters cannot be from the Grand or Calm Line until the group has reached the Grand Line)
Occupation: (Anything goes. Can be extremely useful like a doctor or extremely uselss….ok not really, but they gotta be able to defend themselves. We’ll need at least a Navigator BEFORE venturing towards the Grand Line. You don’t wanan die, do you?)
Age: (can’t be anything lower than 18 unless you’re an animal, got it? :V)
Relationships: (Note that you can befriend any cannon characters, including the main char, BUT ONLY BEFRIEND!!! No being Luffy’s long lost brother or Nami’s Father or anything. If you wish to keep it a secret, pm me before that character meets the character they are befriended with. Otherwise, they are total strangers)
Personality: (Self explanatory)
Look: (Also Self explanatory)
Power: (See Devil’s Fruit for powers unable to use. If you have an idea about a power that could possibly not be a Devil Fruit, ask and we’ll try sorting it out)
History: (Just give the jist. You can expand this as the plot goes on. You must also explain how your character is in the East Blue if they were born in the other regions)
Items in Possession: (completely self explanatory :/ I hold no responsibility for any lost items along our journey, folks)
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Profile Template
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