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 Zeiro Yurakazi

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PostSubject: Zeiro Yurakazi   Sat Aug 20, 2011 3:06 am

Name: Zeiro Yurakazi

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Origin: Goa Kingdom, East Blue

Occupation: Doctor

Age: 20

Relationships: N/A

Personality: Unlike most nobles, Zeiro is kind and friendly. He does not use his nobility to prove he is higher up nor does he make fun of those considered lower than him. In fact, he cares about others and will try to help to the best of his ability if they seem like they are in trouble. Despite his friendly attitude, his expression is rather plain and he sounds a bit dull.


Shadow-Shadow Fruit – Ability to control shadows.
He also uses a rather thin yet long, metal staff to fight as well.

History: Zeiro is from a noble lineage. His parents both were killed by a group of horrible pirates and he was left in the care of their butler. He befriended a lesser noble son named Sabo who ran away from his ‘duties of being a noble son’. Once he figured out where his friend went, Zeiro also befriended Ace and Luffy, two boys that were being raised by mountain bandits. Sadly, he had to leave the island of Goa Kingdom just after Sabo died and was placed under the care of his Uncle. After about 8 years, he goes to Windfall Island to find out that Ace and Luffy have left to start their journey of being pirates and he, too, sets out to become one (although he didn’t like the idea of being a pirate).

Items in Possession:

Random Black hat he rarely wears
Medical Kit
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Zeiro Yurakazi
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