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 Chase de L'Ceruleen

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PostSubject: Chase de L'Ceruleen   Sat Aug 20, 2011 6:41 am

Name: Chase de l'Ceruleen

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Origin: Unknown, but rumored South Blue

Occupation: Carpenter

Age: Unknown (Appears mid to late 20s)

Relationships: None

Personality: The living body of apathy is Chase de L'Ceruleen.He appears to always be tired or irritable when awake and rarely shows enthusiasm for anything outside of rage. When angered, his somber persona becomes wild and he will yell....a lot....all the time. Chase is always chewing a piece of gum, stocking up whenever he can. This is not a maybe, it's an always. He will never been seen without some.

Look: Noted by his icy blue hair and matching eyebrows, as well as a black goatee on his chin. He wears a white overcoat with white fur trimming on the wrists and around the neck. He wears no shirt underneath, showing off his chiseled features and the black ab tattoo on his left side. He wears black pants and boots.

Power: Chase has developed incredible physical skills far over simple human beings through a lifetime of training. He utilizes many techniques of the Rokushiki style of martial arts, fusing them with his own and developing new maneuvers to form the "Septieme" style or Seventh style. How he has acquired the training to use these techniques is unknown, leaving others to suspect him as a Marine or worse. All that is known is that Chase is incredibly powerful and fast and has the potential to be one of the world's greatest fist fighters.

History: The history of Chase is relatively unknown to those other than himself. He doesn't speak of it, and doesn't give his real name (His name roughly translates to "Chase of the Cerulean", a play on his hair color). What is known is his love of hand-to-hand combat and his years of constant training. His goals are unknown.

Items in Possession:
Pack of Spearmint Gum x3
Money pouch
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Chase de L'Ceruleen
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