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 Sera Mizuna

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PostSubject: Sera Mizuna   Wed Aug 31, 2011 3:06 am

Name: Sera Mizuna

Nickname: None


Age: 15

Gender: Female

Fighter Level: Beginner (in a sense)

Main Clan: Oracle Think Tank

Sub Clan: None

Card Shop of Choice: Card Capital

Current Team: Wait, what?

Relationships: None

Personality: Sera is on the fine border between your average, normal girl and being a tomboy in a sense. She’s very nice and friendly the majority of the time, but her love of gaming and such overthrows anything describing herself as ‘girly’ (the picture can say it all). Regardless, she’s first put off as extremely shy and withdrawn due to her limited touch of the Japanese language.


Talents: Playing games. Lots of Games. That, and beating up guys. She’s good at that, too. She has a very sharp sense of awareness for even the tiniest, insignificant things and has a great memory (Though it's not photographic memory nor is it certain for everything. She can remember uselses stuff, too)

History: Sera has lived in America for a majority of her time and recently moved to Japan to live under her older brother. She has a bare minimum grasp of the Japanese language, which made it a little hard for her to make friends. Coming across the Card Capital by chance on her way to a game store, she got hooked on the card game, Vanguard. At that time, she had a friend to teach her the game as well as help her understand some terms she was not familiar with. She had a few fights and was extremely happy to have a friend. However, that same friend died in a car accident. As the game grew more popular, more cards were released and she ended up making a fool of herself losing just because she didn’t understand a few words meant. She comes and goes to the card shop in hopes of building enough confidence to be able to fight someone again.
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Sera Mizuna
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