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 Fiona Rossi

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PostSubject: Fiona Rossi   Tue Sep 20, 2011 2:09 am

Name: Fiona Rossi

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Age: 16

Relationships: None

Personality: Fiona is a girl that never seems to stop moving. She's always tapping her foot or bouncing in place or something to the extent, often giving others the impression of a hyper, annoyed, and rather impatient girl. In reality, none of those describe her all that well. She just has a lot of energy and simply can't stand not moving for very long. She loves making people smile and feel happy, and is rather prone to acts of physical affection such as hugging or holding hands with someone or even just patting them on the head. Not easily angered or upset, and seems to have trouble with certain emotions.

Look: Short brown hair that falls to her chin and eyes of the same color. She has a tendency to wear short-sleeves no matter the weather, and at the moment is wearing a green t-shirt with a white flower pattern across it. She wears brown shorts and white sneakers as well.

Talents: Dancing, acrobatics, running, karate, sympathizing with others, great physical strength and flexibility

History: Not much is known about it, but she only moved into the area a little while ago. She's said herself that she won't be staying long, but the reason seems to be only known to her.

Items in Possession: None
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Fiona Rossi
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