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 Julie's YIM has been infected by a bot.

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Takato Rutherford
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PostSubject: Julie's YIM has been infected by a bot.   Mon Nov 07, 2011 6:51 pm

Julie's YIM has been infected by a bot.

Juliana Kim has signed back in. (07/11/2011 18:41)

Juliana Kim: hey you there?
lmidnightsolstice: Mmmhm. How've you been?
Juliana Kim: im good! how about you?
lmidnightsolstice: Relaxing, got back from the Doctor's awhile back.
Juliana Kim: did you hear about Steve Jobs?
Juliana Kim: Yeah supposedly apple is giving away 5000 macbooks today in honor of him.
lmidnightsolstice: Huh.
Juliana Kim: I just signed up for mine here: (insert virus link) and there are only 945 remaining.
lmidnightsolstice: Useless for me, love'
Juliana Kim is typing...
Juliana Kim: Let me know if you get one too
lmidnightsolstice: I ain't signing up.
lmidnightsolstice: Wait.
lmidnightsolstice: Say something.
lmidnightsolstice: Fuck.
lmidnightsolstice: GOD. DAMN. BOT.


Hopefully she can get this fixed T_T

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Julie's YIM has been infected by a bot.
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