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 Pokemon Characteristic Description

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PostSubject: Pokemon Characteristic Description   Mon Nov 21, 2011 1:05 am

(Anyone who's read the Pokemon Special/Adventure manga will understand what these mean. As for everyone else, that's what this thread is for. Its to make sure you understand the pros and cons of each character choice.)

Battle Expert (Red): A battle expert is someone who specializes in Pokemon training and battling. They usually have strong Pokemon but anything outside of that is on a Trainer by Trainer basis. A battle expert can come from any background and many shapes and sizes. Battle Experts look for balance in teams.

Training Expert (Green): A training expert is someone who can raise a Pokemon to reach its ultimate potential. These trainers have a strong understanding of the strengths and weaknesses a Pokemon has and can get them to their highest levels. Training Experts look for Pokemon that can have varied attacks and abilities.

Evolution Expert: This type of character has pre-existing knowledge of Pokemon evolution. All Pokemon evolve through love and battle experience, but many Pokemon also evolve through other means. The choice will, more than likely, effect the type of Pokemon that trainer chooses to train.

Evolution by Stone(Blue): This trainer knows which Pokemon evolve through Evolution stones and which stones are needed, as well as where said stone are commonly found.

Evolution by Trade(Silver): These trainers know how to evolve Pokemon that can only achieve their greatest power through a trade. They also have a habit of carrying one or two Pokemon who evolve through trading. *Note: Those who specialize in this don't HAVE to be "Friendly" types.

Healer(Yellow): Healers are special types of trainers you don't normally see. They have the power to see a Pokemon's thoughts and communicate with them in a way others cannot. They also have the power to heal Pokemon with just their touch. However, doing this can leave them exhausted and drained of energy. They will pass out if overdone. Healers have a strong connection to their Pokemon and raise their Pokemon based on love of the Pokemon, not power. Though, some do train based on power, but those are the bad guys. (Lance)

Capture Expert(Chris): Like the name suggests, this type of trainer specializes in catching different Pokemon. They usually carry different types of Poke balls with them and teach their Pokemon abilities that make capture easier over anything else.

Breeder{Jhoto Region only}(Gold): This type of trainer has a history of living with Pokemon and, as a result, can hatch Pokemon eggs to become unique Pokemon more powerful than they should be upon awakening. Their battle skills aren't the best, but they love Pokemon like members of their family. This type of trainer CANNOT appear before the Jhoto region because that is when Pokemon eggs are first discovered.

*Other Important Note*

Pre-Trained vs. Untrained Trainers:

Pre-trained Pokemon trainers are those who had some type of teaching, training, or schooling before beginning their Pokemon journey. These types of trainers can grow their Pokemon strong and fast, but they grow less over time. These are types who build up their Pokemon early and keep them at a certain strength.

Untrained Pokemon trainers are those who begin their journey completely blind of the world of Pokemon, at least in the sense that they were never formally taught anything about battle or things of that sort. That isn't to say they don't know common knowledge of Pokemon (like Ash) or that they are stupid in any way. They just don't know the more advanced things right away. These types of trainers usually don't get a plan for their Team until later in their journey but believe strongly in each Pokemon they trust. As a result, they can grow in critical moments, like evolving or learning a powerful move in the middle of an important battle.
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Pokemon Characteristic Description
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