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 Through the Mountain to Cerulean City

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PostSubject: Re: Through the Mountain to Cerulean City   Sun Jan 29, 2012 3:58 am

Brooke raised an eyebrow. He did realize that she didn't HAVE to do that at all, didn't he? There were a number of other types of moves that they could use to attack them. Did he have something planned, or was he simply mistaken?

She mentally shrugged. Might as well find out.

"Confusion." The trainer called out, Kammy quickly complied, swimming out of the way of the Bubblebeam as she did so.
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Takato Rutherford
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PostSubject: Re: Through the Mountain to Cerulean City   Mon Mar 05, 2012 2:58 am


As expected.


His Pokemon had not been prepared for the cunning of his opponent, but the white haired trainer had.

Sovereign gained a look of utter confusion as it paused within the launching of the numerous powerful bubbles, stumbling for a few moments until it regained its composure. Safe to say the creature wasn't exactly pleased with the target having vanished once more. Shockingly enough the Pokemon had not taken too long to control some of it's senses, clenching the heavy fists before letting a frustrated noise that couldn't be denied. Favian simply smiled and took a step back, pointing upwards with a slight sparkle within his mischievous gaze, "Swagger."

There was a sudden tense air before the Poliwrath shook rapidly and began to glow fiercely. The marking it possessed erupted in a trail of crimson light as the muscles on it's body became more defined with each passing second. A tearing of earth in the gym was torn out from the structure as the creature vented with growing rage, glaring down at both the water and the fading shadows of where the target had once been. It didn't take much thought what the blue-skinned beast aimed to do, considering it had a considerable sized boulder above it and madness in those wild eyes,

Favian spread his arms wild out in a welcoming motion and stared directly at Brooke,

"You're good, much better than me....~"

Confusing, for a trainer to admit that...

His pale lips perked up at the edges and his darkening white locks fell down just above his glasses,

"But be a dear would you...and prove that for me....chuuu~?"


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PostSubject: Re: Through the Mountain to Cerulean City   Thu Mar 08, 2012 4:49 am

Brooke tilted her head slightly in confusion. Chu? Was he a Pikachu enthusiast? Maybe he was a member of the Pokemon Fan Club? Those were interesting people. A bit scary with their enthusiasm though. Or maybe he just really liked Pikachu?

The girl shook her head to make herself focus.

Kammy must have seen and fallen for the Swagger herself, as she clutched and scratched at her head under the water. Brooke sighed. None of her Pokemon seemed to simply get confused. Davie always panicked, and Kammy got a massive headache that made her want to bash her head against the wall.

Or other heads.

The Golduck jumped out of the water, dashing towards her opponent and attempting to use Zen Headbutt on the Poliwrath.

Brooke sighed again. Not a smart move, Kammy. She'd have to wait and hope that the confusion wore off soon. There was no chance at all that Kammy would be able to hear her until she did.

"That's not necessarily true." She said to Favian in the meantime, responding to his earlier comment. Minus the chu. "You could be just as good as me. You could be even better. We can't tell from one match, especially one we haven't finished yet."

Then she giggled. "Now if you were saying that to my brother I would agree with you. He's...amazing. Better than anyone I know and so much better than me." She laughed again. "But then again he kinda has to be."

Brooke grinned. "I'm the secondary Gym Leader for a reason after all."
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PostSubject: Re: Through the Mountain to Cerulean City   

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Through the Mountain to Cerulean City
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