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 Pokemon stuff

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PostSubject: Pokemon stuff   Sun Jan 15, 2012 3:43 pm

"Such a lovely Pokemon you have. Kammy, was it? Well, allow me to introduce Sovereign."

Favian held up an oddly colored Pokeball once more and flicked it through the air, expanding it without another word and releasing the obviously nicknamed beast. A scowling creature flared alive from the light and clenched two gloved fists, a glare shot straight towards the opponent that it needed to defeat. It didn't seem to be angry, no, just the way said creature seemed to have been crafted. The muscular Pokemon stepped up towards Golduck with the peering stare and slammed each fist together hungrily, warming itself up with a cracking noise.

Then, it spoke


His trainer smiled and brought up his hand, adjusting his glasses once again with a chuckle. The white haired male seemed unusally pleased by the appearance of her Golduck, his green coat flickering within a sudden updraft of cold wind within the gym. Suddenly his arm snapped out and his hand twitched, his sickeningly sweet voice sharp. The Golduck would only have several seconds to react to what came next, a single fist lashing outwards with intense force,

"Crush it, DynamicPunch."


A clear shield surrounded Kammy instantly, preventing the attack from reaching her, let alone harming her. The Golduck tilted her head questioningly at Sovereign, as if asking what the point of that was.


The Pokemon's eyes glowed white for a moment, before clouds began to form overhead. Snow fell down, followed quickly by hail, luckily only covering the pool so that it would not hit the trainers. However, the hail bounced harmlessly off Kammy herself, due to her ability.


Kammy's eyes now glowed blue, and the Poliwrath was surrounded in an aura of the same color, and was quickly pushed away, most likely feeling great pain as it was.
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Pokemon stuff
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