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 Story of the Revolution

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PostSubject: Story of the Revolution   Sun Jan 22, 2012 5:49 am

The year is 2027. Mankind finds itself on the next step of both technological and biological evolution, the augmentation. Doing away with everything we once knew about medicine and human capability, British inventor and philanthropist (as well as Nobel prize winner) Hugh Darrow's invention of Human Augmentation, or the act of surgically placing and replacing organic tissue with mechanical prothesis, has just hit main stream media and public use. Men and women walk the streets with robotic limbs just as naturally as one would their own skin. The crippled can now walk, the slow of thought can now process and thhink at paces that would match master chess players. With the growing popularity of these augments came the growing number of companies who would provide them. Sarif industries, headed by David Sarif (the apprentice and friend of Hugh Darrow) of the United States, specializing in human technological advancement and a hand full of military contracts, Tai Yong Medical of China, the world's largest mechanical and biotech company, and many, many more. The definition of what it is to be incurable has been redefined.

But so has what it means to be human.

Just like any great thing, too much of it will lead to tragedy. Augmentations are not naturally accepted into the human body, requiring augmented people to receive injections of the drug Neuropozyne on a constant basis, or face angonizing pain and eventually, death.

Believing that these augmentations are unnatural and immoral, a large portion of society has developed prejudice for the "Augs", some with hatred so great they have banded together into factions. The Humanity Front, a pro-humanist group lead by highly successful psychiatrist and anti-augmentation activist and speaker William "Bill" Taggart, protests the use of augmentations and those who provide them with a fierce passion, though they are an entirely peaceful organization. That cannot be said for Purity First, a rogue and radical anti-aug organization. Lead by Zeke Sanders, formerly mechanically augmented Iraq and Afghanistan war veteran. However, Zeke claimed that the retinal prosthesis he had installed under the Recycle Military Bill drove him to doing horrible things during the wars, and eventually removed it, dawning an eyepatch. Following this, he founded the Purity First, a group that gathered people with a similar hate for human augmentation.

Even the black market has found a place for augmentations. Gangs kidnap augmented people, tearing out their augments and reselling them for a profit. It is indeed a dark time, and yet the technology continues to flourish and change, and behind all of the chaos, a great discovery has been found, and a greater secret is stirring with a plot to place an iron grasp on the world.

Welcome to the Human Revolution.
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Story of the Revolution
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