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 Agari Seizu

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Agari Seizu


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PostSubject: Agari Seizu   Sun Mar 28, 2010 1:28 am

Name: Agari Seizu

Gender: Male

Age: 17



Blind summoner - Agari can bring various creatures to life by sacrificing his energy and physical endurance, which can be replenished over longer periods of time. Little is known about summoned creatures, where they come from or how are they linked to the summoner.
Summons also depend on how powerful he is, as summoning a monster much stronger than him can kill him, and his creativity, as he can shape the monsters the way he wants, however, shaping monsters has its own limits. Summoning is also a two sided weapon. Monsters don’t have to obey the summoner if he didn’t earn enough respect from them, making them do as they will.

Ancient magic: Holding wide range of spells that are ancient – also outdated and discontinued – being the second line of defense for Agari. Imperfect spells have quite some amount of disadvantages, thus the user has to perfect them on their own, leaving the user to judge, if the spells are ready to go or not.

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Agari Seizu
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