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 Saikah Kajimaru

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PostSubject: Saikah Kajimaru   Thu Mar 15, 2012 1:15 am

Name: Saikah Kajimaru

Title: The Shadower

Age: 18

Real Age: 164

Squad: 10th

Rank: Member

Love Interest:


Personality: Saikah is a very quiet and extremely cautious girl due to her past. She's very kind and gentle, but she can't find it in her shattered heart to trust anyone fully except her Captain and Lieutenant. Easily afraid of others as well as degrading herself in every shape and form. Saikah always bottles up her feelings, whether they are good or bad.


Talents: Her life in a family of thieves as well as her fear of being punished caused her to have extremely high speed for a female as well as the ability to keep hidden quite well without any proper training. She is able to improvise on the spot on just about anything. However, she has no tolerance for pain inflicted on her except emotional.


Shadow Weapons-Can create weapons or projectiles from any shadow. Disperses at contact, but acts as a actual weapon/projectile.



For her entire life (possibly extending from her living life), Saikah has been an outcast due to her appearance and origin. She came from a family of thieves, yet her ideals and thoughts were far from similar to their own (Especially as a young child). With her white hair and bi-color eyes of grey (right) and yellow (left), she was an easy prey for people to pick on. Whenever something bad happens with Saikah included in it somewhere, she's always the first to be yelled/punished/beaten/bullied about it to the point where she couldn't go to sleep in teh night, fearing that someone would inflict pain on her.

An outbreak of Hollow soon changed her life as they massacured the group, leaving her in her shed surrounded by dead bodies and pools of blood spilt from both her 'family' and hollows. Toushiro Hitsugaya soon found her and Saikah found herself in Seireitei to become a Shinigami.Even so, she's still constantly bullied and picked on for her appearance and quiet nature by her fellow students and squad members later on.

Zanpakutô Name: Akuryōkyōkai (Demon’s Border)

Zanpakutô Release Phrase: Reveal yourself

Zanpakutô Shikai: Dual swords: the original and its shadow. They both have retractable daggers in the hilts. In this form, she is able to use a bit of magic by writing/drawing characters on the ground/her swords/own body/etc. This is its sealed form in shikai. They have two other forms, but she can only activate one for now.

Shadow Bind-Creates binding ropes from a shadow. Can only use if one of the swords is on that shadow. If on a person's shadow, it paralyzes them until the sword is removed.

Zanpakutô Bankai:

Strength: 1
Intelligence: 3
Speed: 7
Reiryoku: 4
Zanpakutou: 5
Kidou: 0
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Saikah Kajimaru
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