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 Cheshire - Gotham Nights

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PostSubject: Cheshire - Gotham Nights   Fri Aug 03, 2012 1:54 am



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"Oracle": Cheshire's employer for his mission in Gotham. Even Cheshire has not seen their face, though he has suspicions by the codename that she is Barbara Gordon, GCPD Commissioner. Still, it doesn't matter to Cheshire so long as he gets paid.

Assassins Guild / League of Assassins / League of Shadows: It's not known if Cheshire is a member of the League of Assassins, but as a contract killer he is on their radar one way or another. It is true, however, that Cheshire's weaponry and style do not mesh with the league, specifically in the use of firearms.

Jade Nguyen: The original assassin under the name "Cheshire". There's no recorded knowledge that the current assassin under the alias has any connection to Nguyen, but their common name and preference for close, bladed weaponry is noticeable.

Crystal 'Gem' Ériu O'Malley: A girl with no confidence but exceptional empathetic abilities, Crystal O'Malley functioned as another tool in Cheshire's  first assassination of the Royal Flush Gang's King and Queen and a key in the failed assassination of the man codenamed "Hush". It's now clear that Cheshire has no interest in training Gem, but rather left he to die when the mission went sour.

Personality: Cheshire isn't even exactly sure who Cheshire is. At times he is manic and compulsive, but at other times he is cold and collected. Cheshire is all about his own personal gain, whether it be money or some other advancement, but his alignment is as gray as hood he wears.....or so it seems. The only safe thing to say about Cheshire is that there is nothing safe about Cheshire, and not everyone may be mad, but he certainly is mad as a hatter.

Look: (Close Approximation)

Expert Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Well-Versed in many different forms of Martial Arts, Cheshire is very much a living weapon. His style always shifts, never focusing on one form, but rather whatever move is needed at that very moment.

Expert Marksman: Trained in marksmanship, Cheshire can handle a gun as well as any well-trained soldier. Perhaps even better.

Tech Specialist: There isn't much in the world of technology that Cheshire cannot use with proficiency. From weaponry to vehicles to most high-security consoles, Cheshire has trained to near perfection with all of them.

Master Assassin: Through his training to become a master Assassin, Cheshire has learned the usefulness of silence and shadows. He is excellent at remaining unseen and undetected, and possesses a vast knowledge of avoiding conflict. Cheshire, along with his gadgets, is exceptional in tracking targets.

History: The assassin known as Cheshire is notoriously secret, throwing even the world's greatest detectives off of his existence. Everything on the masked gun for hire is a mystery, even down to his real gender. What is known is that Cheshire has been brought to Gotham City in 2040 for a reason, and that reason cannot be good for someone.

Superhuman Hand-Eye Coordination: Cheshire is in full control of his body. There is no motion that he makes that is not entirely where he wishes it to go. This allows Cheshire to pull off ridiculous physical maneuvers without fear of failure.

Superhuman Physical Condition: Cheshire's physical capabilities far exceed that of a regular man. He is able to run at high speeds and jump at heights equal to that of a professional athlete. He could easily break bricks with his bare hands, and is able to support a large amount of weight. Cheshire's ability to react to a scenario is almost twice as fast as a typical individual. He can dodge fast strikes and catch an arrow in mid-air. He's still not nearly fast enough to dodge a bullet.

Items in Possession:
Helmet: While it disguises his face, Cheshire's helmet houses a variety of technology that assists him on missions. The eyes of the helmet are outfitted with a full HUD system, allowing Cheshire to zoom in and target lock, swap to an infrared scanner, and even record observations for later analysis. A in-helmet communicator allows Cheshire to send out and receive messages. The helmet allows immunity to air-born toxins and smoke, though does not allow for breathing underwater. In combination with the Tactical Suit, Cheshire's helmet can become essentially invisible with the use of an active cloaking device.

Tactical Suit: A suit specially designed for Cheshire that is worn at all times when in public. The suit is a black leather jacket with a black and white checkered print on the inside lining, a gray skin-tight shirt, black army pants and black combat boots. While very basic in appearance, the suit is actually extremely high-tech. The most basic feature of the suit is a nano-tech material which the suit is composed of. The tiny robots in the gear allow for the suit to repair itself if ever damaged, though very slowly like a body healing a wound, as well as harden on the point of impact, allowing for high-levels of endurance against physical attacks. Through a concentrated electrical pulse in the gloves, Cheshire can harden said gloves into a gauntlet-like state. The suit allows the user to become essentially invisible via the mending of light, but can only be sustained for a short period of time. The suit also gives the wearer heightened endurance to electricity, heat, and water. Despite all of these features, the suit is very light-weight and allows for excellent maneuverability.

Wrist-Mounted Grappling Hook: A spear-like projectile strapped onto Cheshire's wrist. When fired, it will pierce through a target or deploy in mid-air and hook onto a solid spot, retracting the connected line and bringing him to safety. Alternately, the hook can be combined with one of his knives to be used as a chain weapon for mid-range combat.

Tracker: A small device that links up with Cheshire's HUD system. It sends out a radio frequency, letting it's location be known at all times.

Handguns: The most common weapons used by Cheshire. Showing a high proficiency with these twin black pistols, they are the perfect mid-range tool for the assassin in 2040.

Knives: Cheshire is a master of close-quarters combat and prefers knives and small bladed weapons.

Bowie Knife: The primary melee weapon of Cheshire. With a much larger blade than the standard knife, Cheshire is able to strike with quick slashes and also parry attacks from larger weapons. The material used to form the blade is a rare, unnamed breed that, when paired with the strength and accuracy of Cheshire, can easily slice through steel and stone. Cheshire carries the knife in a holster on his boot.

Butterfly Knife: A small knife half-used to confuse the opponent and half-used to inflict quick, stabbing blows to the opponent. Small, but Cheshire can use the blade in both hand-to-hand combat and as a minor throwing projectile. Cheshire houses this blade on his belt.

Hidden Knives: Cheshire has a collection of smaller knives hidden on his person. In his boots he has a collection of four blades: two in the toes and two in the heels that can deploy with specific foot motion.  There is a small knife hidden under Cheshire's sleeve, used in desperation. By moving his hand in the right location, a device releases the knife directly into Cheshire's hand. This knife is not very durable, but serves as a quick striking weapon.

Smoke Pellet: A method of escape, this small black pebble-like item is smashed on the ground, producing a massive smokescreen, blinding anyone caught in the cloud.
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Cheshire - Gotham Nights
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