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 Gem - Gotham Nights

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PostSubject: Gem - Gotham Nights   Fri Aug 03, 2012 2:12 am

Name: Crystal 'Gem' Ériu O'Malley

Codename: (Eventually) Whim

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Age: 17

Relationships: Da – Loves him with all her heart. She's very careful to never manipulate him, be it with words or her powers.

Mum – Has had no contact with her for the past several years. Gem simultaneously feels bad for what she did to her and holds a grudge against her for leaving her all alone.

Personality: Shy, quiet and generally reserved, Gem usually stays away from conflict and human interaction in general. However, sometimes her curiosity gets the better of her and she'll get the courage to speak up. Can be a bit of a daredevil though when not dealing with people. She's a very caring person, and does not believe that life should be wasted or ended prematurely. Gem can be rather stubborn when pushing a point, but if you have her on your side she will never let you down.

Since the Powers incident, most of her caring nature has been locked away, only showing itself at home or with her da and pets. While her morals still stand, Gem doesn't care too much if the world burns around her, so long as her da stays safe, and she is no longer willing to trust people.

Look: Below average height with wavy red hair that's just past her shoulder blades and green eyes. Very strong, very athletic body. Also unnaturally attractive, if you're able to actually get a good look at her. Wears a big grey-green hoodie with a Celtic-knot resembling a shamrock on the front and back with tribal tattoo looking patterns elsewhere, all in white. Her undershirt is pink and longer than usual. Patchy jeans and white sneakers. Lots of freckles. She has frostbite scars on most of both her ears.

Talents: Emotional understanding, karate, gymnastics, speed, running, languages

Languages Gem knows (in order?) are: Irish, English, Japanese, Spanish, French, German, Mandarin Chinese, Tagalog, Russian, Arabic, Korean, Romani (in progress), Italian (in progress), Hebrew (in progress). You could say that Gem has the gift of gab. It would most likely be said ironically, but it could be said, as she has a natural talent for languages. List may be changed and/or updated.

History: When she was young, Gem had next to no control over her powers. If she felt one way, anyone nearby would feel the same way without a doubt. Needless to say, this had quite a negative effect on her mom, who was with the easily upset child near constantly.

One day it just got to be too much for her, so Gem's mom took her into the city and told her to wait for her. She didn't come back. Gem panicked and wanted help, and soon the people around her also panicked and had the urge to help her, even though she was outwardly calm. It was then that Gem noticed that there was something not so normal about her.

Her father found out about what his wife did and Gem's parents split soon after that. She's stayed with her dad ever since and knows nothing of her mother. Since then she's been very cautious with her powers and people, being more open and relaxed with only her dad and her friends (which she can count on one finger). Gem's father owns a gymnastics center/karate dojo, and she has been in both practically since should walk, so she is very good at both. They live near the edge of the city in the upper part of the building.

Powers: Gem is able to manipulate the emotions of people. She is unaware how she obtained this power, but has had it all her life, though no one knows of it but her. It is easier for Gem to manipulate emotions if she has eye contact or is touching a person's skin, but neither are necessary and both have severe consequences for her, especially if both are done at the same time. She does not have perfect control of her powers, so if she is feeling extremely emotional, there is a 'leakage' of emotion that affects those around her. There is also a limit to how many people she can affect at one time, but the number seems to vary. 

In addition to be able to change what people are feeling, she can also tell exactly what people are feeling. This is needed to change a person's emotions accurately. Due to this, Gem can sense the 'presence' of people, which gives her the ability to tell her just how many people are nearby and where they are. If she knows a person well enough then she can also know who they are from a great distance due to their emotional baseline. The range of her senses are unknown, but it is very large.

Her powers also only affect people. That is, they have no affect on animals or robots or the like, and if a person is spliced with animal DNA or something to a similar effect, Gem's powers are less effective by the percentage that person is not fully a person. For example, if a person has 13% cat DNA spliced into them, Gem's powers would be 87% as effective as opposed to the normal 100%.

Items in Possession: Necklace (not worn), gloves, bandages, iPod, phone
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Gem - Gotham Nights
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