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 Asari Shiwa

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PostSubject: Asari Shiwa   Wed Sep 12, 2012 3:33 am


Name: Asari Shiwa

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Origin: Cyber City

Personality: Asari is a rather kind girl despite her serious looks. In a sense, she acts like a lone wolf - not very social and doesn't like to stick around places she doesn't want to stay. She can be very stubborn and hot headed a majority of the time.


History: Asari's father, Dr. Takashi Shiwa, is a well known scientist around the world, which is a reason why the family lived in NetCity for such a long period of time. Once the Expo was finished, the family settled in ACDC Town as her father goes to work for SciLab. Since she is new to the area around her, Asari doesn't have many friends and depends on her Navi more than ever. Her mother, sadly, passed away as her siblings all moved out of their homes, leaving her living with her father due to their close relationship. She created her Net Navi, Lyre, herself (most of the work was from her father, however) before they left NetCity, hoping to put her skills to the test.

Net Navi: Lyre

Net Navi:

Name: Lyre

Gender: Female

Personality: Lyre's personality is a bit more mellow than her operator's. Although she shares similar traits such as stubbornness and kindness, she's more sympathetic and gentle. Often times, many operators and Navis underestimate her for that, giving herself a slight advantage.


Stats: 70/70

- Attack: 16
- Defense: 17
- Speed: 15
- Accuracy: 3
- Special: 15

Specialty: Balanced - Swords, Status effects
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Asari Shiwa
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