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 Stats and Info for the Game RP

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PostSubject: Stats and Info for the Game RP   Sat Jan 19, 2013 3:21 am


Attack: Physical attacks
Magic: Magical Attacks and MP
Range: Any attack that is ranged but not Magic

Defense: Physical Defense
Magic Defense: Magical Resistance
Wilpower: Ability to survive mortal blows and critical hit rate
Speed: How fast you move and Evasion.

Stamina: This is what you use for any skills that aren't Magic.


Weapons wielders that use blades and pointy things. Power of weapon is based on the Attack stat

sub class:
Twin Blader: A character that can use two small blades instead of one large one. Higher speed but low defense.
Mage Swordsman: A rare kind of swordsman that can use a blade endowed with magical runes. Has less physical attack but can add magic to their attacks.
Thief: Uses short daggers and are the fastest of the Swordsman class. They're so fast they will take your things before you know they are gone.
Swordmaster: A basic swordsman, using one blade and mastering it. They also have the ability to gain special skills from a particular weapon.

Warriors that battle close ranger with very close range weaponry.

sub class
Chi Warrior: Essentially a DBZ character, focusing your own life energy, or Chi, you can manipulate it to do many things. Using Chi is HIGHLY draining of the stamina stat, but it can enhance any ONE stat at a time and even create energy attacks. (You can use skills to increase your attack or defense but you can't stack them and you can't do them while using an energy blast or something, so we should never have god characters...)
Beastmaster: Using the power of the animal spirits, these Fighters take on the traits of certain animals and used them to gain advantage in battle. Wolfmen, Vampires, etc. are all Beastmasters in one way or another.
Berserker: Relentless Attack... that's what the Berserker is all about. With the Highest Willpower, a Berserker will not stop until their opponent dies, even if they die with them. They tend to use claws and other weapons to compliment their die hard mentality.
Sentinal: Highly defensive, the Sentinal can take more punishment than any other Fighter. Their offensive capabilities may be lacking, but they say the best offense is a good defense.

With the most armor and weapon options, the Soldier is the most basic class, but in no way the weakest.

sub class
Dragoon: Speedy Spear users that can jump high and take to the skies. They can outrun most people with their dragon-like ability, but they aren't so good at taking a hit since they specialize at not being hit.
Gladiator: The physical powerhouse of the Soldier class. They have the strongest weapons and don't care how close they are to defeat as long as they know the glory of victory.
Paladin: Soldiers that can use magic. Paladins are like Mage Swordsman, but can also have magic in their armor and shields, allowing for even more options and possibilities.
Knight: The most defensive, Knights defend their kingdom until their final breath. They have the strongest armor but focus more on the shield then the sword

The Magic users, those who wield the mystic arts. They have great and mysterious power, but it takes years to master.

sub class
Cleric: A healer, someone who makes sure his friends are well, but has no real fighting attributes of his own.
Elementalist: A magician that can use a specific element to mastery. (Elementalists only master 1 element at a time and no one can master more than 2 Elements)
Alchemist, Mixing Magic an Science, an Alchemist can invent and create almost anything he/she needs, but has abysmal base elements.
Tamer: Using magic, these magicians can control beasts and certain NPCs to fight for them. (No tamer can control player characters)

The long ranged Warriors. If you don't like to look your victim in the eye during their last moments (or even if you do) you'll probably like the Gunner

sub class
Dual Gunner: Someone who can shoot two guns at a time, enough said... But the guns you use will be small and you can't really defend yourself well.
Sniper: Using one heavy long ranged weapon is their specialty. A sniper can kill you with a single head shot from any distance he needs to.
Shotgun: If you like guns, but you like to get up close, you're this type. Powerful weapons that shoot at short to mid range are what these guys use. They tend to also have good Attack stat
Archer: Have you ever thought guns are for wussies? Ever wanted to know the old fashion goodness of a bow and arrow? Then you are an Archer at heart. Archers also have the advantage of specialized arrows that do more than damage.

Every class has a Jack of all Trades, a character that can learn a little of every sub class but not excel at any.


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Stats and Info for the Game RP
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