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 Lysander - Esk (E.S.K)

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PostSubject: Lysander - Esk (E.S.K)   Sun Jan 20, 2013 1:42 am

Name: Lysander (?)
Username: Esk (E.S.K)

Gender: Male

Level: 1

Race: Human

Class: Swordsman (Thief?)

Age: 20

Character Age: 23

Stats - (Element: Nature) ?
ATK ~ ?
MAG ~ ?

DEF ~ ?
MDEF ~ ?
WILL ~ ?
SPE ~ ?

STA ~ ?


"Art of the Sword" (Class) - Gained from Swordsman class focus. Allows the user to equip and control any kind of blade/sword in a number of ways with very little effort. The utmost basic level with only a slight small show of improvement beyond such. He tends to go for dramatic or merely flashy movements in his blows that speaks of his "newby" rank to the core of it.

"One with Nature. Sorta" (Elemental Power) - The weakest and easiest obtained elemental rank. Grants the user an affinity to wood, plants and flower life to the core of it. This can mean a number of things and opens up skill-slots for said element in the future. At this moment in time he only has access to one of these skills, the wood version of 'Unlimited Bladeworks' - Swordsman.

Learned Skills:

"Rending Charge" (Attack/Melee) - Gained from Swordsman class focus. One of the lowest skills possibly for the class in question and does fast, rapid damage at close-quarters. Lets off three slashes with the momentum of drawing the weapon from the scabbard and can only be done when the user is running towards the target. After getting a choice to pick this out of a number of other blade based attacks, it didn't take him long to decide.

"Unlimited Bladeworks (Wood)" (Passive Effect) - "I am the bone of my sword. Nature is my body and fire is my blood. I have created over a thousand blades in all manner of life. Unaware of loss, Nor aware of gain. Withstood pain to create weapons, waiting for one’s arrival. I have no regrets. This is the only path." The ability to constantly create wooden swords of all shapes and sizes out of seemingly thin air. No other information known.

Special Skills:

"Rending Wolf Fury" (Attack/Melee) (Weapon Skill) - "Oh brilliant blade of cold and steel, rend the infinite darkness and crush my enemies to nothing" Data Unknown. A created skill unique to Esk. Has yet to be shown and the only note of this skill that pops up is that it requires a actual sword made of metal instead of a copy. Supposedly using a wooden weapon in this situation would cause it to shatter.


Personality: Lazy and generally unmotivated. Two ways to describe the player in question. It takes a special kind of person to take everything as a game - including the suffering of the general NPC population. A blank, raised eyebrow stare and a sigh is usually accompanied by his words unless there is something in it for him. He loves games as much as anybody in the newly created advanced MMO but still won't bust his ass unless something gets him going. Still, his odd ways of looking at things would no doubt anger a few and make some question his normality in this cyber-space. One example being his distaste for doing things that the world points him towards and demands he try to make amends with. In one situation he let one of the very realistic non-player residents die horribly because he couldn't be bothered facing a 'boss' at the end of a beginner quest. He got a number of strange looks after that. He only gave a casual shrug in return.

History: Unknown really and scarce. No one knows who he is and has yet to record details down in the profile system databanks. Which is completely normal for a new character at the weakest possible level. The only thing he has truly mentioned in normal words is that he is looking to get away from something in the real world for a few weeks and have a bit of fun.

Inventory: Old Glove - The only thing that he was allowed to really keep from reality upon entering the game. Much like many players he had the option to bring in a few things important and such, or just a item that was dear. A keepsake. This strange, very raggedy brown glove was the only item he picked and holds a special place in his heart. The only downside is that he never takes it off. Never. A wash might be needed.

ARMOR ~ Leather Coat (Black) (1+). Basic item acquired at the start of character creation. Usually equipped with the Swordsman class when specifying for speed and momentary blade skill. Lacks the defensive capabilities of the average heavy armor set. Has been enchanted by a blacksmith and boosted slightly beyond 'simple crafted' or 'quest giver' level state. (?+ SPE) (?+ MDEF) (?- DEF) (Level: 1)

WEAPON ~ Bronze Sword (1+). Made from a crappy essence of metal and designed only to kill the weakest of monsters. Rusty edge replaced with new coat and modified to match the joined grip. Received from a quest-giver and upgraded once by 'Yograr the Blacksmith' by owner. Enchantment Slot open for basic enchantment rune. (?+ ATK) (?+ SPE) (?- MAG) (Level: 1) (SLOT 1: NONE)

MISC ~ Bunny Insignia. A rare "New Player" item found by doing the sequence Beta Tester event in the first few months of game production. It lacks any sort of stat boost and simply allows the user to jump slightly higher than normal with a strange 'Hop' sound effect. There are a grand total of "13" of these beta items and this is one of the more amusing, lackluster types. (Level: 1)

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Lysander - Esk (E.S.K)
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