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 Darren Mujo

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PostSubject: Darren Mujo   Sun Jan 20, 2013 2:04 am

Name: Darren Mujo

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Class: Fighter (Chi Warrior)

Character Age: 17

Element: Light

Stats -



Learned Skills: Power Hit, Block

Special Skills:

Fist of Light: Darren's fist glows yellow with Light energy and attacked with a punch up to double the strength of a normal attack. (Chargeable Attack)

Personality: Darren is a fun loving adventurer. He goes into the game to have fun and go wild. He rarely sits still and he jokes around a lot. Nothing else is currently known.




Leather Jacket: Basic armor that more meant for looking good than it is for protecting your body. This jacket was enchanted when given to increase speed and stamina slightly. (Level 1 Armor)

Leather Gloves: Basic Fighter weapon, the most basic in fact. Most people usually get something better as soon as possible. These gloves give you the ability to use your fists in combat and they protect your hands when you punch most surfaces. (Level 1 Weapon)

Sword of Light: One of 13 special Beta Items. It gives the character the power to use the force of Light in anyway they need. In Darren's case, he converts his Life Energy, or Chi, into Light and uses it to enhance himself and offensively. It increased Stamina and gives his attacks Light element without giving his entire body the Element. NOT A WEAPON! (Level 1 Item)
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Darren Mujo
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