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 Talon Apollo

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PostSubject: Talon Apollo   Sun Jan 20, 2013 3:59 am

Name: Ace Freidrickson

Character Name: Talon Apollo

Gender: Male

Race: Elf

Class: Gunner
Sub Class: Archer

Age: 20

Character Age: Mid-20's

Element: Depends on weaponry

Stats -



Learned Skills:

Multi-Ammo: The standard ability of the Archer. The class is opened up to various forms of arrows, each one holding a different ability or element. First requires the actual ownership of the arrow-type, and then equipping said arrows.

Special Skills:

Banshee Shot: Attaching a small device to an arrow, the user may fire this shot to a location, detonating on impact. As it does so, the shot releases waves of sound set to a high pitch, slowing an opponent's movements and reaction time during the duration of the ability.

Personality: To put things lightly, Talon is a huge jack ass. He's arrogant, he's brash, and he's so in your face he can see what you had for lunch. Talon is always making jokes, but probably not ones you'd want to hear, and he is consistently taunting his opponents, even though he probably shouldn't. While still a low level nobody, Talon will talk as if he owned the world.

History: Hardcore gamer to the bone and cousin to Ghost (Caleb Conway), Ace Freidrickson has had his hands glued to a controller for as long as he can remember. Living in the state of Maine, Ace introduced online gaming to his cousin Caleb in order to keep in contact and give him a new hobby. While a calm, quiet individual out in the real world, the moment he places on a headset that all changes. Ace has mastered the art of trash talk, and looks to bring that ability of distraction to a new world.



Armor: Hunter's Coat: A white long coat with the hood outlined in white fur, this is a color swapped version of the standard Archer's armor. This armor gives the wearer a slight increase in speed and stamina. Not much else to been said outside of it being a wicked fashion statement. (level 1 Armor)

Weapon: Long bow: The standard weapon given to the Archer sub-class. It's nothing fancy, just a longer wooden bow and black quiver. This allows the user to fight via archery and gives them the ability to use the Archer's standard abilities. (Level 1 Weapon)

Misc: The Ol' One Two! Pendant: One of the 13 Beta items. It takes the form of a silver necklace and pendant around his neck in the shape of a pair of boxing gloves. This item gives the user a rare chance for their attack to result in two striking simultaneously. In combination with the Archer sub-class, this allows Talon the rare chance to fire two arrows as opposed to one. (Level 1 Item)
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Talon Apollo
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