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 Ghost (Caleb Conway)

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PostSubject: Ghost (Caleb Conway)   Sun Jan 20, 2013 4:02 am

Name: Caleb Conway

Character Name: Ghost

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Class: Gunner
Sub-Class: Sniper

Age: ??

Character Age: Mid-20's

Element: Depends on Weaponry

Stats -



Learned Skills:

Gun Modification: The first ability learned by the Gunner class. A character may modify their weapon through attachments and the like, changing it's stats or adding special abilities to the weapon. This ability does require the modifications to actually customize the weapon.

Special Skills:

Deep Breath: The user will take in a deep breath and hold it, leveling their shot out entirely. This increases the user's Range stat by double for one shot.

Personality: While "Ghost" has never actually been heard due to his inability to afford a microphone or a working headset outside of the half-broken one he owns, what he says through the in-game chat has often been few and far between. Caleb resorts to voicing himself through small lines of text and emoticons, which are normally quite calm and respectful. One would assume his personality was the same.

History: The cousin of Ace Freidrickson (Talon Apollo), Caleb was not always as into video games as his Cousin was. Growing up in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, not much is known about Caleb outside of his name, his relationship to his cousin, and the fact that a car accident a few years back had left him paralyzed from the waist down. Caleb found the game world as his way to forget about troubles, taking his abilities and exchanging them for others. His accuracy used for directing his sports strategies became his greatest quality, and he's been using it for his rifle ever since.



Armor: Assassin's Suit: The basic build of the sniper armor, this suit does give the wearer a small increase in their Def stat, though it's true focus is in the mask. Specifically, the eyes. The eyes give the wearer an increase, though not much larger than the Def, in the Range stat, focusing more into offensive abilities than defensive. (Level 1 Armor)

Weapon: Merriweather .30 Cal: A basic black sniper rifle given to the Sniper Sub-Class upon creation. The rifle holds higher impact and penetration than other gun-type weapons, though it's rate of fire is very low (Bolt action forces the user to reload after every shot). The gun is also quite useless in close-quarters combat, forcing the user to fire from mid to long range, preferably far away. (Level 1 Weapon)

Misc: Eagle-Eye Decal: One of the 13 special Beta items. A sticker placed on the cover of a sniper rifle's scope, increasing the Range stat for the equipped character by +3.......somehow. The sticker takes the form of a yellow smiley face winking it's right eye and giving a large, mangled smile. (Level 1 Item)
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Ghost (Caleb Conway)
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