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PostSubject: Princey    Sun Jan 20, 2013 4:17 am

Name: Corey

Username: Princey

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Class: Fighter (Beastmaster: Dragon)

Age: 17

Character Age: 17

Element: Wind

Stats -









Learned Skills:

Claws of the Beast - The user's hands shift to slightly resemble those of their beast, including the claws they may have. This skill increases the attack of the character when using their hands.

Special Skills:

Roar of Wind - The user lets out a battlecry resembling that of their beast. A blast of wind is exhaled, knocking over enemies in its path and stunning them for a few seconds. May cause minor damage as well.

Personality: Your average, sporty, block-headed tomboy, Corey would choose playing sports to painting nails any and every day. Not the brightest crayon in the box and she has a stubborn streak a mile wide, with a tendency to tease friends and strangers alike. Once she gets attached to someone, though, she'll defend them to the end.

History: Corey has never once played a video game in her life. She's never had the ability to sit still for so long when there were things to do outside in the real world. So she has next to no clue what she's doing. The only reason she's playing at all is because she's looking for someone who she knows plays it.

She's had a rather average upbringing. No real problems until recently beginning to do more poorly in school to the point where she's close to failing, which is straining her relationship with her dad immensely. She's on the boy's soccer team at her school, and is currently a black belt in her karate class.





Armor - Leather Jacket - A jacket made of leather that's not well suited for protection against anything much stronger than the weather. This item has no enchantment whatsoever. (Level 1 Item)

Weapons - Leather Gauntlet Set - A pair of gauntlets and a pair of greaves, both made of leather. They are all particularly worn down but offer basic protection. These items have no enchantments whatsoever. (Level 1 Item)

Necklace - Resembles a silver dragon atop a large glass ball, with its wings spread wide as if protecting its treasure, hung on a black thread. This is her keepsake from the real world, and she is very protective of it. It is merely an accessory and has no effect on her stats whatsoever.
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