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 Asher - Kingdom Hearts

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Personality: Asher, or "Ash" as his few friends tend to call him, is a calm, if not maybe too docile young man. He's often quiet, too busy settling himself into situations to really develop anything important to say, at least to him. This makes Asher come over as quite shy. Asher isn't as well-versed as the next "hero" in the art of fighting, so he's quite awkward when it comes to battle. Asher will not fight with the bravado most warriors do. When someone gets to know him, Asher can be quite friendly, though his quiet nature does still remain. Asher is never one to boast or brag about his victories or strengths, and would even take some pushing to express less-than-necessary opinions.

Asher stands slightly taller than your average seventeen-year-old, but not by much. His light brown hair his commonly shaggy and unkept, and hangs down around his matching colored eyes, though he commonly wears a brown fedora with a blue strip around it tilted back on his head. He wears a brown, suit-like jacket with a blue hooded vest underneath that over a white shirt. He clothes his lower-half with black pants and shoes, as well as a belt with a silver lion's head belt buckle. Two more belts loop down at his sides, reaching down to about knee-level. He wears black, fingerless gloves on both hands, his right wrist wrapped in a few small chains.

Enhanced Observation Skills: As is the case for most who spend their time quiet or with their head in the clouds, Asher has increased his abilities of observation a level higher than an average person. Asher has a better chance of seeing things others would normally miss, or thinking at a faster pace when things are most hectic. While not exactly a super power, Asher's cognitive abilities can be a great help in getting out of dangerous situations.

Probability Magic: Asher is a spellcaster, though his branch of magic is far from the common branches (black, white, blue, etc.). Asher's arsenal of spells revolve completely around luck and the raising and lowering of such. The catch of Asher's magic is that even he is unaware of the effects of the spells (save for higher-ranked spells, which he can select one of many effects to use). If he places a blessing upon an allie, the effects will be very positive, but Asher will not have control on what that positivity is. The same will go for his curses upon the enemy. Paired with Asher's already enhanced luck, though, the effect that will help him the most tends to always be the one to appear.

Pure Luck: A side effect of Asher's branch of magic practice. While not an effect that he is completely aware of, Asher's luck is better than others'. This type of luck tends to only come into play in small things, like finding some money(or munny, haha) on the ground or winning a luck-based game. In order to reach greater levels of luck, Asher is still required to use one of his blessing spells.

History: (Will Add soon)

Items in Possession: None


Blade of the Chance: The blade Asher selected to define the path his journey would take, this weapon takes the form of a black sword cane with markings coursing up the entire body that softly pulsated in white light. Asher fights using the Iaido fighting style, striking with quick, precise slashes, and then returning the sword to it's scabbard at blinding speeds. Asher is deadly accurate with each strike, essentially always hitting the exact location he wants to hit, or at times needs to. This is not due to high-levels of power or skill, but to his use of probability magic. Essentially, Asher's skill comes from luck.

Battle Techniques: None


Luck Bestowal / Blessing: A spell born from the positive side of luck. Asher is able to increase the luck of a single individual, object, or a small location. The effects of this blessing are unknown, even to Asher, but they can range anywhere from increasing an ability (making them faster, stronger, healing them, etc.) to finding a rare item or winning a prize. With Asher's own luck playing a part of the equation, the chances for the right stroke of luck to occur (an increase in dodging ability when being fired upon, for example) are slightly higher. The same luck assures that an effect that is at least useful to the current situation occurs.

Jinx Inducement / Cursing: A spell born from the negative side of luck. Just as his blessing ability, Asher is able to place hexes upon a single individual, object, or small location. The effects of the curse are unknown, even to Asher, but can range anywhere from decreasing an ability to forcing someone to trip over their own feet to anything in-between. With Asher's own luck playing a hand in this curse, the effects will at least be useful during the current situation.

Bliss Zone: A stronger variation of the blessing technique, Asher is able to maintain a small location (which he may project anywhere in his line of sight) in which a multitude of positive effects will occur to those who remain in the field. These effects are just the same as the basic blessing, though slightly stronger. The field only stays active for a short amount of time (about three posts from the user out of character), but may be cancelled sooner by Asher if need be. When one leaves the field, the positive effects will go away (though anyone experiencing healing effects will retain the healed portions of their body).

Terror Zone: A stronger variation of the curse technique, Asher is able to maintain a small location (which he may project anywhere in his line of sight) in which a multitude of negative effects will occur to those who remain in the field. These effects are just the same as the basic curse, though slightly stronger. The field only stays active for a short amount of time (about three posts from the user out of character), but may be cancelled sooner by Asher if need be. When one leaves the field, the negative effects will go away (though anyone experiencing physically damaging effects will retain the damaged portions of their body).

Massive Bliss Zone / Massive Terror Zone: The most advanced version of Asher's blessing and cursing techniques. Asher creates a large field (about the size of an average city block) of either positive or negative energy. While the positive will bestow strong effects on his allies, the negative energy will inflict opposite levels of effects on enemies. These fields, unlike the smaller versions, can be maintained indefinitely by Asher at the cost of mobility, as he is unable to move while projecting this level of energy. After too long, the strain put on Asher's body by the sheer amount of energy used can become overwhelming.

Efficacy Manipulation: A very powerful form of probability manipulation magic, which allows Asher to increase or decrease the potency and efficiency of powers, abilities, and the like. When put into effect, Asher can render heavy defenses into the same state as wet tissue paper and turn the impact of a small pebble projected from a slingshot into the same impact of a sniper rifle. Asher can also modify the destructive power of attacks and abilities of himself, his allies, or his enemies. The amount of energy needed to utilize this type of spell is vast, limiting Asher's uses of it within battle. He must be very specific on what power, item, or attribute he wishes to modify, and can only do so for a very short period of time (one attack, post, etc.). It's virtually impossible to use this technique on multiple targets.

Stability Manipulation: As the name suggests, this spell allows Asher to manipulate the stability of things, from structures, to abilities, to the mental state of an individual. With enough focus Asher could level a building or a bridge, or in the opposite side of the spectrum increase the stability of a structure to save it from collapsing. When used on abilities, Asher can break a user's power to control their abilities (example: A user of a fire will lose control of the flames and set themselves ablaze) and cause large amounts of damage, or help an individual maintain a power they cannot completely control.  Asher can use the magic on a smaller scale and potentially manipulate the mental stability of an individual, driving them to madness or making them perfectly sane and logical, just as long as the spell remains in place. This spell cannot be used on multiple targets or aspects at a time.


Limit Breaks: Disaster Manipulation:

Convulsion of Nature:

Lightning Strikes:

Lucky Star Fall:

Chaos Zone:
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Asher - Kingdom Hearts
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