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PostSubject: Weapons - WORK IN PROCESS   Tue Feb 04, 2014 3:43 pm

Brief summary of all the different types of weapons and what type of weapon could fall under.

Sword -> Axe -> Lance

- Typical bladed weapon. Can be paired up with a shield unless it requires two hands to wield.

- Falchion - Wieldable by Chrom only. This legendary weapon can only be wielded by those with Ylissean Royal blood and the sword itself must accept the user. If not, the sword will be dull and be unable to cut through anything.

- Rapiers - Only wieldable by Lords and Great Lords. Thin bladed one handed swords with the hand guard usually connecting to the end of the hilt to further protect the user's hand (?). Effective against Armored and Beast Units.

- Armorslayer - Large swords effective against Armored Units

- Wyrmslayer - Uniquely shaped swords effective against Dragons

- Levin Sword - Deals magical damage. Acts like a Tome
     o Amatsu - Only wieldable by Myrmidons and Swordmasters.*

- Sol Katti - Only wieldable by Myrmidons and Swordmasters*

- A magical weapon in the form of a book. No, you don't whack your enemies to death with it. Grants you magic depending on the type of books.

- Fire - Tomes used to deal fire damage. It's accuracy is high but not perfect.

- Thunder - Tomes used to deal thunder damage. Has technically the lowest accuracy out of the three basic tomes but deals devastating damage compared to Fire.

- Wind - Tomes used to deal wind damage. Effective against flying units. Has the highest accuracy out of all the tomes, but is the weakest of the three basic tomes.

- Dark - Tomes used to deal dark damage. Only usable by Dark Mages, Sorcerers, and people who have the ability Shadowgift (females only). It has the lowest accuracy out of all the tomes yet fairly powerful. Some Dark Tomes the ability to drain half the damage dealt .
    o Mire - A Dark Tome that has an extensive range that could cover a majority of the area. It has the largest range out of all the tomes, but cannot be use in close ranger like other tomes.

- A long pole with a blade head used for close combat. Javelins and spears fall under this definition, but they're mainly used for fighting from a distance.

- Beast Killer - A lance with the head looking like a mouth with teeth. Effective against beast units.

- Blessed Lance - A mysterious lance that seems to reinvigorate your lost stamina a bit. Effective against _____.*

- A small yet powerful weapon where the head is sharpened on one or both sides. Some axes can be thrown from a distance due to their airborne design.

- Hammer - A large hammer the size of a normal Axe. Effective against armored units

- Bolt Axe - An axe that deals magical weapon like a Tome.*

- Volant Axe - An axe that has three different bladed heads shaped similar to hooks. Effective against flying units.*

- Long Rods, usually with an adornment on top, used for healing purposes. Could also be used to teleport one out of close harm's way or strengthen their resistance against magic. Each Staff has different ranges and different purposes. Cannot use on self (for some odd reason) except a Balmwood Staff.

- A weapon made of a flexible, long material curved and strung with a tight string. Used to fire arrows.

- Blessed Bow - A mysterious bow that seems to reinvigorate your loss stamina. Effective against ____.

- Longbow - This bow allows the user to launch arrows from a farther distance. Not very effective in close ranges. Only usable by Archers and Snipers.

- Double Bow - A decent bow that is very powerful and can be used on longer distances. Only usable by Archers and Snipers.

- Towering Bow - A very long/tall bow with decent power. Able to aim from a longer distance. Only usable by Archers and Snipers.

* = rare items not obtained by normal means. You're gonna need a damn good explanation why you have it D<
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