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Takato Rutherford
Stigma of the Wind

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Guess what. A day or so ago; I ran out of pills. Pills I need.

Without said pills; I get a relapse of sorts. Julie knows this well.

It takes a day to get a batch of pills (unless they're needed to; well, live). Thankfully while not taking mine doesn't endanger my life; suddenly not having them causes a brain chemical imbalance.

Julie knows this well. So waking up, having to wait a day to get a new batch and then feeling the effects of said imbalance wasn't exactly pleasant.

To put it shortly; it renders me to a lazy, loopy and emotional-wreck of state with the added bonus of feeling dizzy, sick and all around out-of-it. Once again, this is not dangerous; it is simply what happens when you miss a day of your daily medication.

I had to take a break from the computer. Period. Until it leveled out.

I am now fine (with it having once again wrecked my body-clock-dang-it), so I shall be on tonight and I will post shortly.
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