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 Moriarty - X-Men

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PostSubject: Moriarty - X-Men   Mon May 26, 2014 2:36 am

Name: Benedict Morrison
Code Name: Moriarty
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Allegiance: The Brotherhood of Mutants
Brotherhood Members

Personality: Brash, Arrogant, and generally unimpressed by everything around him, Moriarty considers himself superior among mutants, who he believes are far superior to humans. The only thing Moriarty finds enjoyable is the (inevitable) outwitting of those who would try and defeat him. Believing in the right of mutants to reign over the world, Moriarty will only respond by his given code name, leaving his old "slave name" to the past.

Appearance: Uncommon ashen-gray hair and similar-colored eyes on slightly pale skin. A white two-piece suit with a black button-up shirt, vest, tie, and pocket-square in his left blazer pocket. The gold chain of his pocket watch is hooked onto his black belt, which matches his polished black dress shoes.

History: Born in a small town to the north of England, Benedict Morrison was always seen as a bright child, solving problems that would take other children his age twice as long to grasp. Due to this, his Mother had nicknamed him her "little Sherlock" after the famous fictional detective, one of her favorites. As the years past, Benedict began to notice that he wasn't just slightly smarter than his classmates, but his teachers and everyone around him. Advanced problems, issues scientists couldn't solve in magazines he read, all of them answered in seconds inside his head. He attempted to use his knowledge to help those around him, but at the age of 12, his "gifts" were received with fear, the citizens of his town figuring out he was, indeed, a mutant with immense powers of the brain. He was disowned by both his home town and his family, leaving him to survive on his own. He would not starve, figuring out plans to easily survive, coming across a ship on the path to Genosha, the island country of Mutants. Touching down on his new home and meeting with Magneto, Benedict was immediately recruited into the Brotherhood of Mutants, removing his former name in exchange for one far more fitting: Moriarty.

Absolute Deduction: Through his mutation, Moriarty possess nigh-perfect deductive and information processing ability of anything he's seen. A few examples of this power's application would be the ability to watch someone moving their hands to draw a picture, of which Moriarty could form in his head using only the movements he's seen and perfectly see the drawing without ever physically seeing it. Moriarty can also predict attacks of opponents based on slight muscle twitches and know exactly how to counter them, as well as other forms of perfect body language analysis and investigative abilities.

Passive Instant Clarity: Arguably the most powerful aspect of Moriarty's mutation, this allows him the ability to instantly gather and understand any knowledge fully. In order to gain said knowledge, Moriarty must first read, see, or hear a concept, and upon it his previous encyclopedia of knowledge and his deductive abilities will work together to understand it completely, whether the occurrence is natural or supernatural. If Moriarty comes into contact with any piece of "information" that is wrong, he will intuitively know this and can discern what is correct and what is wrong.

Causality Perception: The ability to perceive and understand all cause and effect relations. Moriarty is able to see all cause and effect relations in any situation around him and notably deduce the path leading to any effect, allowing him to plan, analyze, and take action with almost perfect efficiency. As a strategist, Moriarty can always achieve optimal results, perfectly anticipating all variables and their opponents' every move. These calculations can lead to extremely complicated planning in the long run, which will always end up being successful if he has the correct means at his disposal. In the art of invention, Moriarty is able to eliminate the "trial and error" period in-between, perfectly creating what he aims to create in the first try. In short, Moriarty is a flawless tactician, understanding every variable and is always multiple steps ahead of everyone else. He's impossible to catch off-guard, and if success is even slightly possible, he will always achieve the best possible results.

Photographic Memory: Moriarty has never forgotten anything in his life, and will never do so. Any experience, any moment in time, any bit of knowledge he gains he will have forever and at his access at all times. Unfortunately, this goes for both positive and negative moments and thoughts, so he can be haunted by outstanding moments of negativity in his life, as well as comforted by outstanding moments of happiness.

Photographic Reflexes: Similar to his memory, Moriarty is able to replicate any movement he sees another perform. This ability is a hand-in-hand relationship between his Deduction and Instant Clarity abilities, and when learned, Moriarty will never forget the movements he saw. This allows Moriarty to monitor fighting styles and master them mid-battle, countering opponents by knowing the weak points of the style they use.


Expert Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Unlike typical mutants who have the gifts of intelligence, Moriarty is not useless in a fight. In fact, when it comes to hand-to-hand combat, he's almost unbeatable. Moriarty has multiple forms of fighting styles stored in his memory banks, as well as the ability to predict his opponent's moves before they make them and master their style in the same process. If it comes to any form of close-quarters melee combat, Moriarty is the last person you want to bump into.

Master Tracker: Using a mix of his Deduction and Instant Clarity, Moriarty is able to track a target, be it a living being or otherwise, based on the most minuscule piece of evidence. Based on a finger print and its positioning, Ben can figure out who left it, why they were there, the direction they're heading in, why they're heading in that direction, etc., etc.

Master Strategist: Using a mixture of all of his abilities, Moriarty is the ultimate strategist. He can plan strategies for battles that the enemy are not yet aware they want to fight based on his knowledge to their reaction to stimulus, defeating them far in advanced. If allowed to his own devices and the materials needed, Moriarty can and will create a strategy that will defeat his enemy or lead to the goal he wishes without fail.

Inventor: With the right supplies, Moriarty is capable of creating things that can efficiently solve any problem, granted he has archived the knowledge of the problem beforehand. Most commonly, this is used for traps or weapons used for capturing other mutants.

Sword Cane (dark brown wood with silver ends.)

Items in Possession:
Gold Pocket Watch
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Moriarty - X-Men
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