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 Kimberly Neumann – X-Men

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PostSubject: Kimberly Neumann – X-Men   Mon May 26, 2014 2:55 am

Name: Kimberly Elise Neumann

Code Name:

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Allegiance: None


Personality: Active, loud and outgoing, Kim takes life by the horns every chance she gets. She wants to meet everyone, see everything, and not have to hide who and what she is. Unfortunately for her, being essentially locked up for several years of her life has made her rather naïve to many aspects of the world. She believes in the innate goodness of people. Clever, but it doesn't always show. Would not know subtle if it punched her in the face.

Appearance: Straight blonde hair that reaches the middle of her back and blue eyes. Really tall with a stocky build. Wears jean shorts and a red tank top, as well as sneakers that used to be white. She has a charm bracelet on her left wrist that she never takes off.

History: The early years of Kim's life were largely average as far as most things go. She had loving parents, two kind if annoying older brothers, plenty of friends, and lived in a good neighborhood. She was happy and healthy and normal, all up until she climbed up a tree around her twelfth birthday and fell almost all the way down before her body turned her hands into claws and instinct made her jam them into the tree to slow her fall and save her. That wasn't exactly normal.

Her parents, who saw the fall and her miraculous survival, were freaked out but both eventually concluded that they had somehow been seeing things. This was later proven to be false, when not long after she got trapped at the bottom of the family pool and grew gills when she couldn't reach the surface before her air ran out. They couldn't deny the 'awful' truth again. They were forced to realize that their baby girl was a mutant.

She was immediately pulled from school, the family moved far away, and she was made to stay within the house at all times. Kim has been home-schooled ever since, and has had virtually no contact with the outside world. This, among other things, has caused a major rift between her and her parents (her brothers, both out of the house, do not know), and she wants nothing more to go out and be a part of the real world. And soon, she promises herself, she will.

Powers: Kim's mutation is essentially survival. If she is in danger her body will change in some way to help her out of the situation, whether it's something not too noticeable like faster reflexes or something blatantly obvious like scales to block a strong hit. This has a mental aspect to it – if Kim can convince herself she is in danger, her body will also respond accordingly to the danger she believes herself to be in. With her powerful imagination and all the time she's had to practice, she can do this rather easily. Her body is hypersensitive to potential threats, and can react preemptively and near-instantly, but she has to realize on some level that she's in danger. In addition, Kim has an unnaturally high tolerance for pain.

There are some downsides to her mutation, however. The change back causes her great pain, as it lacks the adrenaline to block it by definition. She can only change back when she is safe and calm, calm meaning that the adrenaline that comes with the change has left her body. How much it hurts her depends on how much and in what ways she has changed. Because her body is pumped up full of adrenaline, she is by nature stronger and faster than she would be normally. However, this also causes immense stress on her body if she does too much in this state. Also, Kim occasionally experiences 'phantom pains'. If something happens to her that should have injured her, she may later feel the pain she would have gotten from that injury, though the pain is less severe and shorter lasting. She can also get phantom pains from an experience she remembers or imagines. Kim cannot be healed by any sort of mutant powers. The only viable way of healing her is wrapping her up in bandages and hoping for the best.

There are a number of more minor effects and additional details of Kim's mutation as well. She is not overly effected by temperature, provided it is a temperature that happens in nature. For example, she would be fine in both the tundra and the desert and would not need to transform, even wearing her usual tank top and jean shorts, but would not be fine and would need to transform if someone placed her in a giant oven. Kim has an invincible immune system and antibodies and the like - she absolutely cannot get sick, get infected, be poisoned, or be effected by drugs, even natural-esque ones or painkillers. Her body wants to maintain homeostasis to an extreme. Don't bother trying to use her long hair to your advantage in a fight; it can't be gripped when she's transformed, let alone cut or set on fire or whatever. Her senses are stronger than the average person, and she has an incredibly strong sixth sense. Since Gambit's flashbang, Kim is no longer effected by extreme light or darkness or changes therein, able to see perfectly fine in them without a problem, and loud sounds aren't painful. Finally, once something is labelled as 'dangerous' in Kim's mind, it is impossible for her change that, and she cannot stop a change from happening.

More(ish) downsides in a list-like format because I'm lazy:

Her gift is actually slowly killing her. She knows this.

Healing takes twice as long

Someone she trusts could potentially stab her in the back

Even she can't survive all things (Beware of vacuums)

She must be aware of danger on some level to protect herself

Phantom pain

No drugs, good or bad

Immune system is tied to her gift; if that goes, they both go

Talents: Swimming, talking, surviving, remembering, imagining, acting


Mom and Dad: Loves them both dearly, but is frustrated with them for keeping her away from the world. She believes they are keeping her inside to protect her. Since the destruction of Crenshaw she does not know where they are, but believes her mom's harsh words were only said in the heat of the moment, and loves them both just the same.

Brothers: Hasn't seen much of them in the past few years, one being in college and the other having graduated it, but she loves them both even if they get on her last nerve sometimes.

Cam: Her new friend, she thinks he's just plain awesome. Though they've known each other for only a very short amount of time and she knows very little about him, he already has her loyalty and trust. Kim thinks the world of him.

Sherrie: Thinks she's nice and cute and would very much like to be her friend.

Trevor: Thinks he's clever and amusing and would very much like to be his friend.

Rosa: Thinks she's cool and strong and would very much like to be her friend.

Moriarty: Thinks he's a bully and a jerk.

Weapons: None

Items in Possession: None
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Kimberly Neumann – X-Men
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