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 Isaiah "Izzy" Hendrix - X-Men

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PostSubject: Isaiah "Izzy" Hendrix - X-Men   Mon May 26, 2014 4:58 am

Name: Isaiah "Izzy" Hendrix
Code Name: Knockout
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Allegiance: Xavier's School / X-Men
Friends/ Allies:
Students / Teachers of Xavier's School for Talented Youngsters

Personality: Izzy is just a genuinely helpful guy. He's not too energetic or too stoic, he's the perfect blend. He's a humble young man from a small town and doesn't let his life at the School or his powers change who he is. He loves being a mutant, he enjoys meeting his fellow mutants and he shares Professor Xavier's thoughts that Human and Mutantkind can live side-by-side in peace.

Appearance: Izzy is of African-American descent, standing at about 6'3" with a muscular frame and buzzed haircut with a small cut beard on his chin. As of now, he wears black jeans with white and gray sneakers, a white t-shirt and a few variations of checkered over-shirts.

History: Born and raised in the small town of Paris, Tennessee, Isaiah Hendrix had always known the value of hard work. His Father,w hen not tending to the family farm, also ran a small gym in town which notably trained clients in boxing. A former state champion himself, Isaiah's Father taught his son everything he could, from the best punches to the discipline of the craft. Loving the fun in being active, Izzy took to another sport very quickly: baseball. From little league up until high school, Izzy played, becoming a star pitcher of his town in the process, resulting in his making of many friends. He lived a normal, everyday life, up until his junior year of high school when, during a game, a pitch from Izzy slammed into the glove of the catcher, his friend Paul, with the force of a gun shot, breaking his hand in the process and knocking him back. Recognizing oddity at hand, the crowd begin to shift, and Izzy's Father immediately brought him home, hoping that laying low for a while would remove the tension from the people in town. His opinion of his son would not change, and he was not embarrassed by the powers he possessed, but he knew the dangers his son would face. One day, he was visited by one Charles Xavier, who explained the existence of his school designed to help young mutants control their abilities. While it pained him, Izzy's Father knew it would be the best move to make and allowed his son to go be with his kind and become the best he can be. Though a tad nervous at first, Izzy's natural friendliness allowed him to fit in very well with the other students, and soon he became as popular at the school as he was at home. The training he has received has made him much more capable of controlling his "gifts", as Professor Xavier calls them, and with that guidance, Izzy hopes to one day see Professor Xavier's dream of peace between mankind and mutantkind fulfilled. He also hopes to one-day be chosen to join Xavier's team of protectors, the X-Men, though he has yet to be deemed ready for his position on the team.

Momentum Manipulation: Izzy has the unique ability to manipulate the impact or momentum of objects in-motion to limited degrees. In work, he can make being hit by a car strike with the impact of a finger poke, and on the opposite side, can make being hit by a small pebble feel like taking a shotgun blast to the chest. Izzy's power can be countered by beings with natural physical strength that is higher than the force Izzy can reduce, though his power would still reduce the power of the strikes, just not enough to avoid pain.

Boxing: Due to the exercise and training with his Father, Izzy has training in the style of boxing, and has made it his preferred fighting style. His punches are quick and precise and his footwork is fleet, allowing him to dodge with some ease as well.

Pitching / Throwing: After playing baseball for a long period of time as a star pitcher from little league up until high school, Izzy is very accurate while throwing objects at high-speeds.

Baseball Bat (uncommon)

Anything he can throw

Items in Possession:
Wallet (at times with loose change)

Car keys to Jeep + Jeep (kept in the Mansion Garage)
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Isaiah "Izzy" Hendrix - X-Men
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