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 Cameron "Cam" Taylor - X-Men

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PostSubject: Cameron "Cam" Taylor - X-Men   Fri Jun 13, 2014 3:25 am

Name: Cameron "Cam" Taylor
Code Name: Orochi
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Allegiance: Neutral
Friends/ Allies:

Kim Neumann: His first friend and the source of his affection. Cam finds everything he loves in Kim, though she has no idea. This normally could be seen as an adorable crush, but Cam's feelings go past cute. He is violently protective of Kim and is quick to turn aggressive on anyone he thinks wrongs Kim or could potential ruin his future "relationship" with her.

Trevor Harris:

Sherrie Harris:

Rosa Perez:

Personality: Cameron is to himself and quiet, the result of a shunning he has fallen victim to in his life. He is not one to trust others easily, and will only allow others to get even slightly close if they make the effort to do so. While he seems very distant, Cameron is quite light-hearted when he's allowed to open up. Deep inside, he's just a young man trying to find his place in the world.

Appearance: Very pale skin with a slight green hue to it. Finger and toe nails are a dark, almost black shade, and Cam's eyes are a deep emerald, his iris a black slit like a reptile. Cameron's teeth are all sharpened with his canines slightly longer, similar to fangs. Black sneakers and worn blue jeans, a dark brown shirt and black military-style jacket. Commonly wraps his entire head with black bandages that hang down at some points, tufts of black hair with a green hue to them jutting out from random spots.

History: The day Cameron Taylor was born was the day he was cast out from society. Born with features resembling a snake, and secreting a dangerous poison, Cameron's parents were embarrassed to be the producers of such a monstrosity, and attempted to go the "hide the creature in the basement" route. However, like most of these cases went, when he grew old enough, he ran away. Cameron traveled in a random direction, simply trying to survive. Still doing what he must to eat, Cameron has settled in the woods outside of the town of Crenshaw, unaware that his basic, feral way of life is about to change.

Poison Generation: Cameron is naturally able to create and store various poisons in his body, ranging from nerve toxins to shut down the body, to hemotoxins that destroy red blood cells, and photoxins which causes dangerous levels of photosensitivity which makes the target victim to extreme rashes and blistering in the sunlight. The levels of toxicity within the poison can vary from instantly lethal to enough to stun or knock out a target, and can be spread via bite, excretion through the skin, or can be laced onto substances via said excretion or a lick. At this point, Cam isn't able to control the excretion of poison through his skin.

Poison Breath: Like the shotgun blast, Cameron is able to produce a fog of poison from his mouth. The range of the blast is not far, but the poison immerses and laces the target. Commonly used as a last resort.

Poison Immunity: Due to his system continuously creating different variations of toxins and venom, Cameron is immune to most, if not all poisons. This can apply to bites, stings, inhalation, injection, and beyond.

Pick-pocketing: Having to steal to get by, Cameron is very talented at the slight-of-hand art of pick-pocketing and other forms of stealing from one's person. He's quick and, if done correctly, will never be noticed.

Stealth: Having to hide to survive, Cameron is excellent at getting by without being seen. He knows how to stick to the shadows, and his body has formed perfectly to slink by without much, if not any, audible noise.

Parkour: Also known as free-running, the world is a giant playground. A master of climbing, jumping, balancing, and flipping, Cameron can weave through most complex paths. This also assists him greatly in the art of infiltration.

Pocket Knife

Items in Possession:
Lockpicking kit
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Cameron "Cam" Taylor - X-Men
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