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 Blitzkrieg - X-Men

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PostSubject: Blitzkrieg - X-Men   Sun Oct 12, 2014 5:46 am

Name: Unknown
Code Name: Blitzkrieg aka "Blitz"
Age: Unknown, appears early to mid-twenties
Gender: Male
Allegiance: Neutral
Friends/ Allies:
Voodoo: Jokingly refers to her as "Doc" on account of her consistent need to heal him thanks to his wild fighting style. It's not sure if he really only sees her as his personal medic or whether he legitimately considers her a partner. Either way, he knows she can fight and that's good enough for him.

Personality: Blitz isn't exactly the picture of mentally stable. While he's not babbling to himself or speaking to walls, Blitz is obsessed with combat and fighting stronger and stronger opponents. This comes both from an egotistic need to beat them and prove his superiority, but also his want to "feast" on the large stores of energy they possess. Outside of battle, Blitz is a bit brash, is almost constantly listening to music and enjoys making a joke at the expense of others. In battle, Blitz almost goes wild, letting go of any inhibitions he might have. His unshackled nature seems to get worse and worse with the more power he absorbs or the more violent the fight gets, sometimes laughing at the damage his body takes.

Appearance: Unkept, Mid-length  dark dirty blonde hair and scruffy facial hair, as well as dark gray eyes. A gray "wife-beater" tank top tucked-in to his blue jeans held up by a black leather belt. He also wears black Doc Martin boots. Blitz's arms and chest are covered in tattoos, ranged from black tribals to a few skulls, but more prominent is the origin of the ink. For each enemy defeated, Blitz gets another tattoo....and judging from the sheer amount he has, he's kicked his fair share of heads in. 

History: He likes to punch things. He gets paid to punch things. End of story.

Psionic Vampirism / Energy Absorbtion: Blitzkrieg consistently projects a field that drains the energy of whoever is caught within it (note that this is not visible). Blitz is able to project the field at will, and with practice is now able to focus the field to a pinpoint target, emphasizing the drain further. Any energy taken this way fuels Blitz even further, allowing him abilities ranging from simply never tiring to bursts of inhuman speed, impact and reflexes. If wished, Blitz can focus all of the energy in his body to a single point, allowing for a single, extremely powerful strike that resonates with bolts of energy like lightning streaks. 

Fighting: Surprise! Blitzkrieg is an expert in the art of hand-to-hand combat, mixing in bits from every style he can find (though he likes his old-fashioned street fighting and wrestling moves the best). Blitz has an iron jaw and steel fists, and when his power is brought into the mix facing Blitzkrieg in battle can be considered a form of suicide.

Weapons: None

Items in Possession: 
MP3 Player w/ headphones (blue, black, and gray).
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Blitzkrieg - X-Men
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