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 Voodoo – X-Men

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PostSubject: Voodoo – X-Men   Sun Oct 12, 2014 6:01 am

Name:  ???

Code Name: Voodoo Doll/Voodoo

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Allegiance: Neutral

Allies: Golden Tigers, Blitz

Personality: Completely done with you and all your idiocy, Voodoo does not like people and will not like you. Speaks her mind, but knows when to hold her tongue. Logic dictates her actions more often than emotion does. (Still working on it!)

Appearance: Of Arabic descent with black eyes and black hair that stops a bit above her shoulders. Patchy grey jeans and a pale yellow graphic tee with a black jacket and black boots. She wears a grey cap and has a yellow bandana around her neck. Somewhat short with a thin build. She’s made mention of a tattoo on her back, but hasn’t stated what it is.

History: When Voodoo was very young, she was kidnapped a gang called the Golden Tigers, the biggest, oldest, and most powerful gang in NYC, and probably even the world. One of the members had seen her using her mutant ability to heal, specifically that of transferring wounds, and took her in on the basis that she would be useful. She’s been with them ever since, and grown up to be the medic and ‘pet’ of the gang.

Powers: Voodoo has two abilities, healing and possession.

Healing is the ability Voodoo is most comfortable with and most capable of using. However, calling it healing is somewhat misleading. It would be more accurate to say that she can manipulate the physiology of a person or animal, that she can move, make, kill, or regenerate their cells and such as she likes. This can be used offensively; for example, she can make a body produce so much blood that it can’t hold it all and explodes, and other similar things. Voodoo is also able to do a sort of biological scan of the body, so that she can pinpoint the source and reason of any abnormalities and heal them. She can also somehow transfer a wound from another person’s body to her own, and vice versa. This is easier and takes less time than actually healing the other person, and is less risky due to her body’s hyper-accelerated healing factor, so it’s more common for her to do this when in a rush. Physical contact and concentration is necessary for all of these abilities, some more than others, and her tolerance for pain is augmented.

Possession is something Voodoo almost never uses, for fear of what the consequences of the Golden Tigers finding out about it would be and her own personal dislike of the ability. As such, she hasn’t explored its capabilities much, and doesn’t know much about it. However, she has confirmed that she cannot possess the dead or animals, and that her body has some semblance of autonomy when she is possessing someone else, but does not know how far it goes.

Talents: Healing, reading, fighting


Blitz — 

Cub — The one who kidnapped her all those years ago, she has a complicated relationship with him. It’s sometimes like father and daughter, it’s sometimes like brother and sister, it’s sometimes like teacher and student, it’s sometimes like best friends, it’s sometimes like friends with benefits, and it’s always like master and pet. Against her better judgement she loves him, but she can’t pin down exactly what kind of love it is, and is well aware that the feeling isn’t returned.

Weapons: Switchblades, pocket pistols, other miscellaneous weapony things I don't know she has a bunch of them okay?

Items in Possession: None
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Voodoo – X-Men
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