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 Brandt Takeba

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PostSubject: Brandt Takeba   Fri May 15, 2015 6:48 am

Name: Brandt Takeba

Age: 18

Location: Central Shopping District

School: Yasogami High School

Class: Third Year

Nationality: British (?)

Hobbies: Fishing, Cooking, Painting, Boxing, Shogi

Personality: Brandt is an inexperienced and creative young man who typically spends most of his days painting away in his room, when he isn't out picking fights with the various Japanese students who tempt him due to his foreign nature. Largely unskilled with the way the world works he usually spends his freedom the way he wants and is painfully average when it comes to school work, tests and the alike. He is known as a "bad student" among the reputation of the school, but his grades neither slip or grow even though it's common to see him skipping class for one reason or another. Social Japanese-norms are often completely ignored by him, or simply go way over his head; and he doesn't seem to care to learn in the slightest about the culture differences. Unfortunately, he is loyal-to-a-fault and the few friends he has at Yasogami High know him to be extremely close to them when it comes to helping; even though this has burned him once or twice.


Family: - Takeba. A distinctively Japanese family name, for one that is obviously British. It appears that he was adopted by this family sometime in his life, but the blonde has yet to fully mention it or explain the details. Currently all that is known about his family is that Brandt has hinted at having a sister named Yukari and another that he doesn't like to go into much detail about. Approaching him on this subject would probably reveal more if desired. For now, this info remains a mystery.

Arcana: ???

Acquired Arcana: ???

History: ???

Weapon: ???

Persona: ???

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Brandt Takeba
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