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 Persona 4 Template

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Takato Rutherford
Stigma of the Wind

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PostSubject: Persona 4 Template   Fri May 15, 2015 7:06 am

Name: (Name)

Age: (Age, Min - 15, Max - 18)

Location: (Where in Inaba? Do you leave near the Shopping District, a lake, the north? etc)

School: (You're at Yasogami High School. And only Yasogami High School. Suck it up)

Class: (First year - 15-16) (Second year - 16-17) (Third year  - 18+)

Nationality: (Are you Japanese or..?)

Hobbies: (Hobbies; soccer, collecting stamps,)

Personality: (How does your character act, etc)

Appearance: (Include an image or/and description)

Family: (This can be adopted, personal or blood)

Arcana: (What your ORIGINAL Arcana, the one you get -first-/don't reveal this until the actually revelation)

Acquired Arcana: (Acquired Arcana from the world around you. You start with none)

History: (Background history before they arrived at Inaba/or history -in- Inaba))

Weapon: (Pick openly. You may only have two, and having -two- makes you less proficient than merely having one.)

Persona: (This can be written as a description/list of every Persona gained. Keep this blank until you -acquire- one)

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Persona 4 Template
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