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PostSubject: Xateramusa-Persona   Fri May 15, 2015 7:07 am

Name: Xateramusa

Age: 15

Location: Lives near the Tatsuhime Shrine

School: You're at Yasogami High School. And only Yasogami High School. Suck it up

Class: Frist Year

Nationality: Japanese

Hobbies: Weapons making, Collecting accessories, reading.

Personality: a little bit shy, is not easly trusting of others, wise, caring, and loyal to her friends.

Appearance: Her skin is dark black with blue symbols tattoo's, her hair is long brown with blue tips, has a  black wolf ear headband on her head, her eyes are greenish/blue. Her outfit is a white short dress with a slash going down her side that looked kind of like a tail, she wears white knee high socks with light blue boots, and 2 golden bracelets around each of her wrist.

Family: Her mother was a Shrine keeper, Father was a blacksmith both who died by there friend.


Acquired Arcana:

History: Was the daughter of a blacksmith and a shrine maiden, when she was 14 years old her perents were killed by there friend, and all her family wanted nothing to do with her. So she moved to Inaba at the age of 15 to start a new life. She is going to be taking on her dad's trade of blacksmith.

Weapon: a sword

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