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 Darren Mujo

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PostSubject: Darren Mujo   Fri May 15, 2015 7:09 am

Name: Darren Mujo

Age: 16

Location: Inaba Residential District

School:Yasogami High School

Class: Second year

Nationality: Japanese

Hobbies: Video Games

Personality: Darren is an open individual, never denying himself. He is brave and always looking to help those who need him. More than that, he always accepts a challenge and loves to advance himself.


Family: An Aunt and Uncle in Inaba who are away on a year long trip.

Arcana: ???

Acquired Arcana:

History: Darren lived a normal life but a lonely one. He never related to anyone and kept to himself and in his home. Worried about his strange nature and inability to socialize, he was sent to Inaba for a year to try to learn to open himself up to others more.


Persona: ???
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Darren Mujo
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