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 Young Avengers-based RPG template

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PostSubject: Young Avengers-based RPG template   Wed Aug 19, 2015 3:50 am

Alter Ego:
Sexual Orientation:
Martial Status:

Friends / Allies:


The Good:

The Bad:



Power Grid: All stats are listed on a scale of 1 - 7. Breakdowns are given in each catagory. Note: a rating of 7 in most cases is nearly impossible.

Intelligence: Ability to think and process information
1 Slow/Impaired
2 Normal
3 Learned
4 Gifted
5 Genius
6 Super-Genius
7 Omniscient

Strength: Ability to lift weight / physical strength
1 Weak: cannot life own body weight
2 Normal: able to lift own body weight
3 Peak Human: able to lift twice own body weight
4 Superhuman: 800lbs - 25 ton range
5 Superhuman: 25-75 ton range
6 Superhuman: 75-100 ton range
7 Incalculable: In excess of 100 tons

Speed: Ability to move over land by running or flight (in some cases, both)
1 Below normal
2 Normal
3 Superhuman: peak range: 700 mph
4 Speed of Sound: Mach-1
5 Supersonic: Mach-2 through Orbital Velocity
6 Speed of Light: 186,000 miles per second
7 Warp Speed: transcending light speed

Durability: Ability to resist or recover from bodily injury
1 Weak
2 Normal
3 Enhanced
4 Regenrative
5 Bulletproof
6 Superhuman
7 Virtually Indestructible

Energy Projection: Ability to discharge energy
1 None
2 Ability to discharge energy on contract
3 Short range, short duration, single energy-type
4 Medium range, medium duration , single energy type
5 Long range, long duration, single energy type
6 Able to discharge multiple forms of energy
7 Virtually unlimited command of all forms of energy

Fighting Skills: Proficiency in hand-to-hand combat
1 Poor
2 Normal
3 Some training
4 Experienced Fighter
5 Master of a single form of combat
6 Master of several forms of combat
7 Master of all forms of combat



Paraphenelia: Weapons, Items, etc.
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Young Avengers-based RPG template
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