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 Sayuri Tamura

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PostSubject: Sayuri Tamura   Sun Jan 24, 2016 7:04 am

Name: Sayuri Tamura

Age: 17

Location: central Shopping District

School: Yasogami High School

Class: Second year

Nationality: Japanese

Hobbies: Sewing, Origami, Programming, Sudoku, Web surfing, Video Games, Drawing

Personality: Sayuri is very quiet and tries not to make herself stand out. She’s not very social, so she’s not used to talking with people and can be very skittish and awkward in the beginning. Even so, she tries to be as kind as she can towards others to the point she would put their well-being before her own. She can be on the naïve side with many things and is mistaken to be hard to approach at first.

She does not always wear her glasses. She usually utilizes them to see things from a distance since she is rather nearsighted.

Family: Sayuri’s parents are both deceased from an incident that happened back at her old home. The culprits were never found and her only remaining 'family member' is Zeiro Yurakazi, a young man who worked with her father and was relatively close to the family. She checks up on him every now and then via phone.


Acquired Arcana:

History: Sayuri had a rather normal yet lonely childhood, spending most of her time alone in her house while her parents were off working at their respective jobs. On the rare days one or both parents were in the house, she spent as much time as possible with them. Unfortunately, certain circumstances rose up and caused her to move into the Inaba Residential District all by herself. Even with living by herself, she rarely interacts with anyone unless they made the first motion. However, she seems to have accidentally attract a handful of neighboring boys in the year she's been living at Inaba…


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Sayuri Tamura
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