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 Caelum Lamina (Editing)

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Mythos Cipher


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PostSubject: Caelum Lamina (Editing)   Thu Feb 04, 2016 12:29 pm

Caelum Lamina (Pronounced Kye-Lum Lah-Mena)







Significant Features:
Has a scar running up the side of his right cheek, and another between his eyes on the bridge of his nose going down toward his left cheek. Wears a silver dragon hair pin with a single light blue sapphire attached to it, and a single earring in his right ear with an emerald. Both of his eyes are sky blue, and he has short dark brown hair. His top has a small scarf like cape attached on the left shoulder, going down his back, and the top exposes the center of his chest going down toward the top of his stomach. Wears a metal choker with a light blue gem.



Oath of the Sword and Shield- Utilizes both the massive blade he somehow wields with one hand and the kite shield to inflict or defend against damage.

White Magic- Not being just the big old brute that most seem to think knights are, he can cast "pure" magic to help defend or heal his allies.


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Mythos Cipher


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PostSubject: Re: Caelum Lamina (Editing)   Thu Feb 04, 2016 12:46 pm

Oath of the Sword and Shield:

Heavy Blade:
Overhead swing with long reach and high power, able to slice cleanly through most metal... Primarily blades. If the blade itself hits the ground, a wave of energy will lance out from the tip of the blade, one foot in width, and three meters in length. The initial swing is highly effective against everything, though the wave itself is only effective against organics.

Shield Bash:
Heavy hand smacks a target with the shield. Effective range is arms length, though is risky as a miss leaves him wide open, and even hitting something still leaves him open for something else to attack. Effective against everything, less so against metal and more so against organics.
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Mythos Cipher


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PostSubject: Re: Caelum Lamina (Editing)   Thu Feb 04, 2016 12:51 pm

White Magic:

A simple spell that is quickly cast. Heals the intended target of light to moderate damage. Casting doesn't leave him open, and only barely affects his stamina, allowing him to get back into the fight quickly. Cannot heal heavy wounds, like lacerations.

With his own caring mercy, he can summon forth a more potent curative spell, however it is rather slow to cast and is blatantly obvious when he's attempting to cast it. It heals rather serious injuries that Cure cannot, however it cannot restore poisons or any other harmful illnesses or diseases, nor can it heal someone who has died. When attempting to cast, he must stand completely still to focus, and after cast, he is immobile for several minutes to rest... As it causes a great strain to his stamina.
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PostSubject: Re: Caelum Lamina (Editing)   

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Caelum Lamina (Editing)
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