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 Iroha Aoyama

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PostSubject: Iroha Aoyama   Sun Aug 26, 2018 11:11 pm

Name: Iroha Aoyama

Age: 12

Rank: Genin (Former special jounin)

Appearance: Orange-brown hair and brown eyes. Gangly. Standard Konoha ninjafare. She wears her headband around her neck.

Personality: Generally, Iroha is a hardworking and sensible girl, if a bit lacking in self-esteem and eager to please. And awkward. So, so awkward. Recently, however, she's become more paranoid and prone to anger, and even violence, which is unlike her.

History: Born as the youngest daughter of three in the house of a single mother who runs an onsen, Iroha's life has always been a rather hectic one. Whether it's helping out her family's business, doing chores for the family itself, or training to be a great ninja, there's almost always something that she's preoccupied with. Hearing the stories of her mother, who was once a ninja, inspired Iroha to become one herself, and joined the Academy as soon as she was able.

Pushed through the grades quickly due to her drive and ability to learn, as well as the simple need for more soldiers, Iroha graduated the Academy at an early age and was assigned to a genin team before soon being shipped off into the war machine. There her sensei and teammates were killed, and Iroha's actions led to a field promotion as special jonin.

Not long after Iroha came home from the war did the Kyuubi strike, raining disaster. While many of the younger ninja were being protected inside the village while it happened, Iroha by chance was one of the few who wasn't, fighting the Kyuubi and trying to protect the civilians. Then, when the dust was settled, Iroha was demoted back to genin and told to meet a new genin team she was to be a part of.

And so she finds herself on a certain rooftop, awaiting whatever may happen...

Friends/Family/Allies: Her mother, Kouyo, and her elder sisters Kaede and Momiji. Previously she had her jounin-sensei and teammates as well before they died in the war. Now she tries not to think about them.

Chakra Nature(s): Fire

Kekkei Genkai: ???

Animal Summon: None

Jutsu and Techniques:

Fire Style: Phoenix Flower Jutsu: Shoots six small fireballs at a target. These fireballs can be controlled to an extent even after they are launched, and sometimes hide weaponry within them. Shuriken are the most common, but Iroha usually tends to be a bit more...creative with hers.

Fire Style: Great Fireball Jutsu: A signature move of the Uchiha Clan - one Iroha shamelessly picked up by watching them train. It casts a massive fireball straight ahead capable of burning most anything in its path.




Weapons and Tools:

Ninja wire
Smoke bombs
Experimental seals/tags
First aid supplies
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Iroha Aoyama
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