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 Masaru Mori

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PostSubject: Masaru Mori   Wed Aug 29, 2018 12:55 am

Name: Masaru Mori
Age: Mid-20s
Rank: Jounin
Appearance: While not as intense as the rest of his family, Masaru sports a similar "dark" style. Both his hair and eyes are black, accented by red and black make-up around his eyes. He wears a kimono-adjacent black coat with a red, pink and white floral pattern, as well as a Peacock in full-display and black pants. His ears are pierced in multiple places, as is his right eyebrow and lip. Sometimes wears dark sunglasses.
Personality: Despite his family's reputation and macabre appearance, Masaru is actually quite normal. A chill, go with the flow individual, Masaru is currently trying to best to cover up his stint as a brooding, always serious child in his maturing years. As a mentor, he finds himself confused often worried, but wants to make a good impression. He's also terrified of his older sister.
History: A member of the Leaf Village's infamous Mori Clan, Masaru begin his ninja career as a cold and merciless Genin, seeking to outshine any and all comers. While this mentality helped him to some extent, it also severed many ties he had to potential friends in the village. He continued on this way for many years and many missions, but it wasn't until long after achieving the rank of Chunin that he realized ... he was becoming a joke! No longer caring about his demeanor, Masaru loosened up immensely, allowing him to find wisdom as well as skill and achieve the rank of Jonin. Now, as a first-time sensei to a squad of Genin, Masaru seeks to be a good example while also dealing with the opinions of others towards himself and his family. To some extent, though ... the jokes are right.

It is also known Masaru and his family fought to protect the Konoha from the Nine-Tails, but he doesn't talk about it. Ever.

Friends/Family/Allies: The Mori Clan, the Nara Clan (distant cousins), the Kaguya Clan (even further distant cousins), Village Hidden in the Leaves/Konoha

Chakra Nature(s): Earth, Water
Kekkei Genkai: Blood Control. A blend of water and earth releases, the Mori clan has an uncanny connection to blood, both in their own and their opponents' bodies. This leads to many powerful and macabre techniques. This familiar trait is also the cause of the Mori clans' stigma as "vampires". These techniques require a large amount of chakra, and if used with is own blood could cause dizziness, nausea and even death.
Animal Summon: None

Jutsu and Techniques:

Iaido: A special style of kenjutsu adapted from observation of the Land of Iron and the Samurai involving quick, precise strikes with a sword at the moment the blade is drawn. In this stance, Masaru is capable of striking a swift death blow and does so sparringly.

Summoning Style: Demon Daisho: A summoning technique which produces up to 8 (referred to as "4 Demon Daisho") extremely sharp blades of various sizes. Through the summoning, each blade is connected slightly to Masaru's blood, allowing him limited control of each blade (example: Masaru can hurl a sword at said opponent, but cannot fight with a "floating" sword, so to speak).

Water Style:
Water Clone Jutsu
Water Prison Jutsu

Earth Style:
Headhunter Jutsu
Hidden Mole Jutsu
Stone Plate Coffin

Secret Blood Art:
Red Coffin Nail(s)
Red Mist
Stance of Red Steel
Blood Possession

"Kujaku": While this may seem like a typical umbrella featuring a similar color-scheme and design to Masaru's coat, the handle is secretly a sheath for Masaru's signature sword.
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Masaru Mori
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