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 Sheol Elision

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PostSubject: Sheol Elision   Thu Apr 08, 2010 10:30 am

Name: Sheol Elision

Gender: Male

Race: Invisible Person

Specialize: Mostly uses his invisibility to his advantage. Uses dagger when needed.

Age: 15

Relationships None yet

Personality: He is cheerful around friends he has come to trust, but is often shy around strangers.

Look: Has no appearance in his true form. When in his human disguise he has blond hair, green eyes. He is somewhat shorter then average for his age.

Talents: Cooking, ancient languages, lip reading

Custom Techniques:

Cloaked Projectile - By channeling his light bending into a weapon, Sheol can make the weapon remain invisible for a brief time after it loses contact with him, making it more difficult for opponents to avoid.

Techniques: (Going to wait for race page to be finished)

Special Abilities:

Invisibility: The most known about power they possess. In their natural forms they are invisible to most others. This gives a large miss chance against anyone who can't detect them. Those that can detect them suffer a much smaller miss chance. The user has increased damage for as long as the user remains undetected.
People and objects the user is touching will eventually become invisible depending on their mass (they quickly become visible again when out of contact with user).

Transformations: none

History: Out of curiosity, Sheol has set out to observe other monster kinds in Youkai Academy against his families wishes. Though he still wonders if that was a good idea.

Stats - (I'll wait till the race profile is finished for Invisible Persons.

Items in Possession: daggers, binoculars
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Sheol Elision
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