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 Thisere Redgrave (Editing)

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Agari Seizu


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PostSubject: Thisere Redgrave (Editing)   Fri Apr 09, 2010 5:47 pm

Name: Thisere, Redgrave

Gender: Female

Race: Vampire

Using yoki in long range combat, acrobatics, stalking.
Age: 15

Relationship: Sister of Zemial Redgrave. Trainee of Masataka Rutherford.


Outer form


Custom Techniques:

Kage Hokou (Shadow walk) - By sending small amount of yoki out of her body at high speed, she can push herself away to a direction, depending from where the yoki was sent. Also works when she releases yoki from her limbs, to increase their speed.

Aneihei (Shadow wall) - Thisere is able to use the shadows to form a wall in front of her. Its solidness depends on the energy of the user.

Mei Odori (Dark dance) - This technique lets the user wrap and control several shadows into a wild whirlwind, which does no damage, unless the user wills it. The whirlwind can be used to put the opponent out of his balance, slice him.

Kuronanka (Black barrier) - Shadow envelopes the users body, which takes some damage in order to lower the damage on the users body. Kuronanka disappears once it took enough damage.

Houhai (Phoenix ash) - The user gathers yoki, transforming it into a fireball which shapes into an eagle as it flies towards. The flame eagle turns to ashes if the user wills it, is destroyed or flew through the target.

Amehari (Needle rain) - The user has the ability to form ashes into a quickly rotating ball, which blows a rain of solid, compressed needles, as strong as steel to all directions.

Ikazuchi Zansatsu (Thunder massacre) - The user conjures lightning from her yoki in her palm, which is compressed into a ball, which spits lightning out of it. It can be used as a close range attack, can be thrown. Contains high voltage.

Fukudan (Copy blast) - A blast that Thisere learned from Masataka. This blasts transforms shadows and air into a combination, which on contact turns the shadow into a whirlwind, cutting everything it touches and the air as an explosive.


Vampire list -

Yoki list -

Special Abilities:


History: Thisere was born in a family of lower-ranked vampires which served a family of higher ranked vampires. The lower ranks decided to rebel and started a war against the higher ranks, but it was hopeless, as they got wiped out of the surface in a matter of moments. That time, Thisere was only four years old, yet she was dragged to the battlefield, but ran before the battle started. Later though, she met Zemial, who found her crying, lost and confused so he brought her to the family, saying she must have gotten lost.

They never knew she was one of the lower ranked vampires, until she has gotten older. When her parents found out, they decided to keep it as a secret, however, other members of that family got to know the truth. They decided to kill them, as they stained the pride of the family. They wanted them dead so they tricked Zemial, telling him, that their parents wanted to kill her as they found out. That was a lie, he got mad and killed the parents as they were far away from the home, with Thisere. They were attempting to run away with her, so she stays alive. Thisere seen the whole scene, but remembered just the moment when Zemial stood there, covered in their parents blood.

However, when Thisere was told that lie, he snapped, as if he lost his sanity. As he murdered the parents, he was looking at Thisere with an intent to kill. Thisere that time couldnt believe it was Zemial, he looked as if he was different person. However, something stopped Zemial from killing Thisere, and ran away before he killed her.

As the other members of the family went to check, how did it go, they met Zemial. He was still insane, covered in blood. The higher ranks thought he killed them all, that was half-true, as he left Thisere alive. Zemial killed the other members who tricked him, thought it wasnt because he found out the truth, but because he was yet to regain his sane mind.

After days passed, Zemial regained his sanity, and decided to look after Thisere. Hes been looking after her until she turned 9, but then she ran away from Zemial. As he caught up she attacked him, but Zemial knocked her out in a moment. After she woke up he told her, what he was told back then, and she didnt believe him.

Thisere was told the other members of the family wanted her and her parents dead, by her step-parents long time ago. Zemial was told that that their parents wanted Thisere dead. Zemial never knew the truth and Thisere thought, Zemial was the one who wanted to make it happen, as she knew he valued his pride more then his own life, but didnt knew she was the only reason he wanted to live for and only reason Thisere lived for was to kill Zemial by her own, to avenge her family.

Later, once she discovered, that Zemial was a student at Yokai academy, she decided to lure him out, and kill him. But it turned into a failed attempt as he toyed with her, leaving her knocked out once again. As she woke up, she didnt plan on giving up, and decided to join the Yokai academy, to strike him down as the right time comes.

As she was in the academy, she got into a fight with Masataka, and observed the fight of him and Zemial. At first, Zemial was practically toying with Masataka, however, he went overboard and ended up being beaten by a single blast. That time, Thisere also managed to get Masataka to be her Mentor in fighting, so she decided to strike Zemial down, once she gets stronger, thanks to Masataka. She seen how strong he was, and knew he could help her fulfill the reason she lived for.


Stat points - 20/34

Inner -

Strength - 10 ( Racial bonus)
Intelligence - 0
Speed- 10
Energy - 0
Skill - 10

Character Likeness:

Items in possession:
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Thisere Redgrave (Editing)
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