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 Delovere Leigh

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Delovere Leigh


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PostSubject: Delovere Leigh   Sat Apr 10, 2010 10:17 pm

Name: Delovere Leigh (She usually gives a fake name)


Sex: Female

Relationships: Friendship with the guy known as Target.
Travel Companion of Takato and Zora

Race: Nicol Bolas Demon

Specialize: Scythe Wielding, Mind Manipulation & Demonic Arts.

Personality: Kai is a demon with a heart. Although she doesn't like to show it she does care and would try to help but behind the scenes since it would ruin her image as The Grim Reaper. She's loyal to a tee but will do what she has to if she believes someone is making a mistake. However, being a demon she does have a bloodthirsty side but when she's not fighting she's just like any other teenager which makes it hard for enemies to find her since she's nothing like her reputation says she is when she's not fighting that is.

Talents: Killing, Cooking

History: Delovere was born into family of bloodthirsty killers, assassins and guards of English demonic royal bloodline. Despite her young age she became known as The Grim Reaper however, when she was sent to kill a target the mission went awry after seeing him with her children she left and returned to her parents who saw her reluctance as weakness and left her for dead, luckily her would be mark happened along and took care of her. She could have led a peaceful life after that but because of her reputation and the fact she is wanted by her own family she must continue to kill for the sake of her mark and herself although she never intended to stop if the situation called for it she was no heroic fool. Sher longs for peace but the demon inside always rage for blood will she ever be able to curb its thirst?
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Delovere Leigh
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