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 Ima Terran

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PostSubject: Ima Terran   Fri Aug 20, 2010 11:58 pm

Name: Ima Terran

Gender: Creator type (Considered female)

Race: Alien

Age: 8 (Physically at least...)


Takato Rutherford: He is the human that Ima holds closest to her heart. Though not her very first friend on Earth, he Takato is her very first human friend, and is therefore very special to her. Ima is in constant awe of all the amazing things that Takato does with his magic (which she'd someday like to try) and how smart and kind and strong and wonderful he is. Ima is not aware of it, but she almost trusts Takato enough to tell him what she is. However, she's probably going to need a trigger or something that forces herself to reveal it, as it's unlikely that she'll say on her own.

Zora Yamakuzi: Ima considers this girl to be a friend, but isn't quite sure if the feeling is mutual, though she certainly wants it to be. She'd often confused by this girl, who will sometimes say one thing, mean another, and then do a third thing, but she'd grown fond of her. Ima is very worried about how much Zora's arm is hurting her and hopes to find a way to help. She's not sure how to approach her and ask her questions without setting off her hair-trigger temper, but well she does it will certainly be done. On a side note, Ima also wants to cuddle Kuro very much, but isn't quite sure if she should.

Raven Blair: Though he hasn't been around nearly as long as her other two companions, Raven has no lesser spot in Ima's heart. She's quickly come to care about him, and admires not only his strong fighting skills, but his strong heart. There are a lot of questions she wants to ask and a lot of stories she'd like to hear from him, but she sadly hasn't seen a very good time to ask. Ima hopes that she'll be able to learn a lot more about Raven, and that someday he'll see her as a friend as well.

Personality: Ima is almost always seen smiling and happy, and is very much a child. She wants learn everything and anything that she can, and then even more. The world is one great big wonder to her. The most wonderful and fascinating things to her are human emotions. Ima love learning about and seeing and feeling people's emotions, even though she doesn't yet understand them. It's been said that she's been called an empath, as she can generally tell how other people are feeling, but ironically cannot quite understand them due to her lack of knowledge on emotions.

Even though Ima is a child and very naïve in many ways, she is by no means unintelligent. In fact, her brain thinks more quickly than any computer could hope to. She is very clever and a quick learner, as well as an eager one. In fact, she's possibly more intelligent than anyone in the group, but doesn't really have any way to show it. Though she doesn't particularly care to.

Ima has a habit of burying any negative emotions into the back of her mind, like her fear of water and worry and such. Since she doesn't know what a lot of these bad feelings are or how to deal with them, they tend to stay there are grow. This leads to all of them coming out at once during a stressful situation sometimes. However, her promise not to let fear hinder her makes her try to stay strong. But she is a child.


The size of your average eight year old human, there isn't much too remarkable about her. Strawberry blonde hair about to her shoulders and big blue eyes. She always wears clothes that have stars on them, and at the moment she's wearing a sweater a bit too big for her and a skirt, both pink with rainbow stars. Her sweater now has its sleeves burned to the point where it looks more like a T-shirt due to Fate 'being a meanie'.

Talents: Acting, asking questions, being a kid, manipulation, mechanics.


Gravity Manipulation: She can bend the force of gravity on a person at will, making them so heavy that they can't move or so light that the slightest step will send them off into the stratosphere. She can also change the gravity of inanimate objects, and just as easily. This power can be used in a variety of ways.

Illusion: By manipulating the minds of those around her, Ima can make people believe in things that are not actually there. The illusions are tangible to all senses, making it practically impossible to determine them as anything but real.

Laser Gun: It looks so childish that most pass it off for a toy, but the gun works very well. The gun has other settings but as of yet we don't know what they all are.

Red: Will burn/melt and possibly evaporate whatever it hits.

Bright Orange: Forces the target back, but does not actually injure them, except perhaps knocking the wind out of them.

Green: Speeds up regeneration immensely.

White: Gets rid of any pain. How long and where depends on what she wants and where she hits, respectively.

History: If you ask her, all she'll say is "I'm on a super secret mission!" and strike a pose.

Items in Possession: Unknown

Summon: Leviathan

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Ima Terran
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