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 Zora Yamakuzi

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PostSubject: Zora Yamakuzi   Mon Aug 23, 2010 12:58 am

Name: Zora Yamakuzi

Gender: Female

Age: 19

Zora's the embodiment of your every day tomboy....just a bit more stubborn. There's rarely a time where it seems like she's in a good mood and she doesn't hold back on cursing. Most of her personality is due to her demonic arm and untold past, almost as if she tries to purposely push people away. Short temper aside, she does have a softer side of her - always concerned and being protective of those around her. She doesn't mind people talking ill of her or focusing on her arm, but gets pretty cold if they accuse her of doing nothing about it. It seems that the mere mention of her history makes her quite irritable and snappy. With the time spent with the gang, it seems she's trying to change herself now that she's found people she could trust with her life.

During any fights, she wants to be of use as much as she can, causing her to be very overconfident and short sighted. Overusage of her arm makes her attitude all the more worse whether it's from pain, fatigue, or strain. However, there seems to be a hidden personality that even she is unaware of - one that's cold, bloodthirsty, blackened of any compassion. She wouldn't hesitate to attack or kill anyone in this state. Not much is known about this personality, but it seems to rear its ugly head for the first time during the Spira Arc after the Sin battle on the way to Luca. It seems only Takato may be the one to break her out of this trance.

After said trance is broken, Zora seems much less like her irritable self...more like the opposite. She seems almost bored, uncaring, and calm...kind of like a lull after the storm. She states that despite her tranquil state, it felt like she would snap violently at any moment if the right trigger appeared before her. She tries to hide herself away for a few hours if not overnight to prevent something bad from becoming of this state.

Takato Rutherford
- Despite making fun of his size and his fear of cats, he's really grown onto Zora as a dependable person no matter the situation. They first met in Magnolia Town back in their original world during a tournament...Now she can't see herself without the blonde mage by her side. With all of the events they've been through together, she sees Takato almost like a leader and finds herself going to him for advice or where to go next.

Ima Terran
- Zora adores Ima simply for the fact that she's a young child (and acts just like one at that). At this point, she's grown a bit accustom to the alien girl not knowing certain things or saying strange things from time to time. She finds it hard to believe she'd be abke to take care of herself, despite proving her wrong many times with the usage of her strange gun and powers. Due to this, she's pretty overprotective over her.

Raven Blair
- She can't seem to remember why, but Zora absolutely hated his guts when they first met. Seemed like a wannabe hero with a bunch of weapons without a care in the world. It didn't help that she wanted to push herself away from him after knowing he was a Demon Hunter, probably the core reason of her unnecessary aggression. With the overusage of her arm in recent events, she seems to be less irritated with him and almost guilty of showing him nothing but spite since they first met. Despite her aggression, she knows he's a great fighter - probably the best out of their group.

- Out of all of the people she's met thus far, Zora is very dependent on Kuro due to his shape-shifting abilities as well as being able to fuse with her right arm. Although she rarely openly shows it, she is very attached to him and gets worried if he disappears for long periods of time. Strangely enough, she doesn't seem concern about him anymore after what happened during the second Sin attack before they reached Luca in the Spira Arc.

- Long blue hair that goes past the shoulders
- Red Eyes
- Normally wears a rather simple shirt and pants
- Right arm normally bandaged to hide the curse
- Her right arm from the tips of her fingers to the shoulder is completely black and looks as if someone has horribly burned it. This causes her arm to look much thinner than her left, and the black seems to extend to about 20% of her body under her clothes.
- Small chest

Zora's Right Arm

Her right arm is able to morph and shift to nearly twice its size. The bigger it gets, the more demonic it tends to look. It's also much stronger than normal skin, so Zora's not going to keel over if someone gives her a few cuts on her arm. Due to the unnatural nature of her arm, it tends to heal up faster than her human body. The following are some of the many forms she tends to make from her arm:

Standard Arm: The most standard form she uses for attacking. Her arm expands in size to increase her range and strength.

Shield Arm: This defensive form expands her arm in width rather than size or length. Her arm grows wide and flattened, looking a bit block-y while the skin on the outer part thickens up immensely. Unfortunately, this form only protect most of her body and not all of it...kind of like a long shield.

Demon Sword Arm: Her arm is slightly bigger but not as big as her standard arm. It grows incredibly spiky all over and a black spike resembling a sword forces itself out of the palm of her hand. Note that it is rather painful when this happens and blood DOES spill from her hand, but once her arm reverts to normal, the hole quickly heals right back up.

Fused Arm: This only occurs when Kuro melds himself into her cursed arm. Essentially, it increases the morphing capabilities of her arm, allowing her to make it much more bigger/tougher/stronger/etc. than it normally is. The pain shes inflicted as well as regenerating from small wounds also increases.

Consequences: The more she uses her arm, the more strain it puts on her body. Depending on the use of the arm, she can either be fine or outright passed out. The curse itself will spread after continuous use over a short period of time to other parts of her body before decreasing after a while. If she continues to push past her normal limits, her arm will refuse to morph and be nothing more than a burnt human arm. It also takes a toll on her mentally with the continuous feeling of fatigue.

History: Not much is known about Zora's past simply because she does not speak about it. According to her, she was born with the black curse on her arm that continues to eat away at her body and being. Whether or not Kuro has been with her the entire time is unknown. All that is known is she's been living in Magnolia Town since she was 13.
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Zora Yamakuzi
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