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 Zora Yamakuzi

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PostSubject: Zora Yamakuzi   Mon Aug 23, 2010 12:58 am

Name: Zora Yamakuzi

Gender: Female

Age: 19

Personality: Has a short temper and is easily annoyed. Although she seems to be angry nearly all the time, she does have a softer side to children. Essentially the embodiment of a tomboy. Also incredibly stubborn and overconfident. Due to her tomboy-ish attitude, she rarely shows her true emotions and people often mistaken her feelings on a certain matter or person.

Takato Rutherford
- Her first initial reaction to Takato was that he was stupid short. Her second reaction was that he essentially 'kidnapped' Kuro from her. Despite their first meeting that nearly ended rather violently, Zora respects Takato and sees how dependable he is. She tends to tease him about his height a lot just to see his reaction, but cares deeply about him despite not showing it all the time.

Ima Terran
- Zora adores Ima simply for the fact that she's a young girl (and acts just like one at that). At this point, she's grown a bit accustom to the alien girl not knowing certain things or saying strange things from time to time.

Raven Blair
- Absolutely hated him starting off...Zora had a bad feeling when they first met and when she heard that he hunts down demons and devils, she reacted a bit violently to Raven in fear of him turning on her due to her cursed arm. As of recently in their time in Spira, that anger seems to have toned down and nearly vanished due to her overusing her demonic arm.

- Out of all of the people she's met thus far, Zora is very dependent on Kuro due to his shape-shifting abilities as well as being able to fuse with her right arm. Although she rarely openly shows it, she is very attached to him and gets worried if he disappears for long periods of time.

- Long blue hair that goes a little past the shoulders
- Red Eyes
- Normally wears a rather simple shirt and pants
- Right arm normally bandaged to hide the curse
- Her right arm from the tips of her fingers to the shoulder is completely black and a bit thinner than her left arm, but looks as if someone has horribly burned it.
- Small chest

Zora's Right Arm

Her right arm is able to morph and shift to whatever size she wants. The bigger it gets, the more demonic it tends to look. It's also much thicker than normal skin, so Zora's not going to keel over if someone gives her a few cuts on her arm. Due to the unnatural nature of her arm, it tends to heal up faster than her human body. The following are some of the many forms she tends to make from her arm:

Standard Arm: The most standard attack she uses. Her arm expands in size to increase her range and strength of her arm.

Shield Arm: This defensive form expands her arm in width rather than size or length. Her arm grows wide and flattened, looking a bit block-y while the skin on the outer part thickens up immensely. Unfortunately, her arm is not going to protect her entire body.

Demon Sword Arm: Her arm is slightly bigger but not as big as her standard arm. It grows incredibly spiky all over and a black spike resembling a sword forces itself out of the palm of her hand. Note that it is rather painful when this happens and blood DOES spill from her hand, but once her arm reverts to normal, the hole quickly heals right back up.

Fused Arm: This only occurs when Kuro melds himself into her cursed arm. Essentially, it increases the morphing capabilities of her arm, allowing her to make it much more bigger/tougher/stronger/etc. than it normally is. The pain shes inflicted as well as regenerating from small wounds also increases.

Consequences: The more she uses her arm, the more strain it puts on her body. Depending on the use of the arm, she can either be fine or outright passed out. The curse itself will spread after continuous use over a short period of time to other parts of her body before decreasing after a while.

History: Not much is known about Zora's past simply because she does not speak about it. According to her, she was born with the black curse on her arm that continues to eat away at her body and being. Whether or not Kuro has been with her the entire time is unknown. She's lived in Magnolia Town since she was 13 before being thrown into this whole world jumping action at around 16.
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Zora Yamakuzi
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