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 Raven Blair

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PostSubject: Raven Blair   Thu Sep 23, 2010 3:35 am

Raven Blair


Demonic Blooded Human (Through Ritual)



Takato Rutherford: One of the three warriors Raven fought beside on the ship to Kilika in Spira. Raven has taken a liking to Takato's attitude and use of common sense as opposed to blind faith. Takato also helps forge custom ammo for Raven, which is a nice plus.

Ima Terran: Another of the three warriors Raven fought beside on the ship to Kilika in Spira. Ima is a strange wanderer to Raven, appearing as such a young child. Raven finds her a very sweet child, but doesn't exactly fit his style. Nevertheless, Ima has become quite the influence on Raven, and vice versa.

Zora Yamakuzi: The third of the three warriors Raven fought beside on the ship to Kilika in Spira. Zora's demonic arm caught Raven's eye right away. While he is short of trusting her, as any respecting Demon Hunter would be, watching her protect innocent lives has eliminated the immediate feeling of threat Raven first felt. There seems to be a strange aggression between the two, Zora showing a large amount of hate toward Raven. Raven often replies with insults of his own, but he seems to not share the anger.

Personality: Raven is, in a way, the world's older brother. He makes jokes, he ruffles hair, but at the same time he shares world experiences and wisdom. However, if you threaten his younger siblings he will personally take you down. Raven speaks his mind which may come off as rude to some, though he also has a bit of respect for the ways and ranks of others, using words like "ma'am" and "sir", though rarely. Raven cares about people, despite what he may come across as.

While energetic at times, Raven also enjoys his isolation. He will go off on his own for some time just to think...or to mask his inner-reflections. Raven's blood corruption is something he doesn't talk about, as the details are easier to deal with when he doesn't have to deal with them.

Raven enjoys a good fight. He has a large bravado (if you could bench a car and hit a bull's eye with your eyes closed, you'd be a little cocky too) and is consistently proving to himself that he deserves it. When opponents show off their weapons or attacks, especially if they're similar to Raven's, he doesn't get scared...he gets excited. If Raven shows real fear, run.

Raven hates all things demonic. His life is dedicated to hunting down and "purging" the paranormal, so his need to kill and his distrust of anything demonic is instant. This causes inner-turmoil when taking his tainted blood into context.


Spirit Detection: Through his contact with the supernatural realm, Raven is able to detect the presence of powerful spirits within his vicinity. Typically, this detection comes in the form of empathetic impulses. Raven will detect instances of immense negativity or other overwhelming emotional states.

Dual-Style Specialist: Through exploration of various weapons styles and intense training, Raven has developed a style all of his own which meshes both swordplay and gunplay into one solitary attack. Raven ties his attacks together like the flow of water, attacking with either a solid sword assault, a barrage of gunfire, or a wave of both.

Exorcism: The bread and butter of Raven's arsenal before the taint had taken to his blood, Raven is an expert in all forms of demon removal. He knows what items to use, what lines to say, and what symbols to draw. Raven's incantations work on all forms of spirits, undead, and demons, and if they aren't strong enough to immediately cast the target away, they will weaken them.

Demonic Arts: Through years of training and research, Raven was able to perform a ritual which tainted his body with demonic blood. Thus, Raven has developed powers in demonic arts and the ability to wield dark, flame-like energy he refers to as "Hell Fire". Unlike true demons, who can utilize their energy to whatever extent they wish, Raven's demonic energy is unable to be forged into a projectile. More uniquely, Raven has the uncanny ability to transfer his own energy into the weapons he holds, as well as anything he touches, using those as a catalyst to make up for his short coming. This allows Raven the ability to use ranged energy attacks, as long as the energy remains in contacts with his weapon or his body until it has connected with a target. While Raven has only shown light use of these powers, it is unknown the power he could truly unleash in battle, as well as the cost it would take.

Unnatural Physique: Raven has developed physical Strength and Speed above the normal man, being able to run faster, jump higher, and hit harder than a normal warrior. His speed is just about double the speed of a professional athlete. His strength, however, is far superior. He is able to lift, catch, and strike with force far beyond a being of his size should be able to.

Heat Resiliency: Being reborn from the forces of hell fire, Raven has gained superior resiliency against all fire and heat-based attacks.

History: Raven Blair was born to hunt the creatures of the underworld. Born into a society of demon hunters, he began training as soon as he could read and run. Upon earning his rank and weaponry, Raven joined his parents upon a mission that would see them both die at the hands of an archdemon. Raven, surviving by pure luck, returned to his home with one thought: vengeance.

Raven trained harder throughout his time there, becoming superhuman in the levels of skill he possessed with his weaponry. Still, he was just a human. That is, until Raven removed a tome from the hunter library, marked forbidden, and from that enacted a ritual that tainted his blood with that of the demon, granting Raven strength, speed, and endurance unlike anything he could have achieved in his human state, as well as slight control over the hell fire that he once feared. When he was found out, the men and women he once considered family turned their weapons to him, forcing Raven to flee as opposed to killing so many people he held dear.

Officially stripped of his rank but still dedicated to his oath, Raven walks the world as a freelance gun for hire against the dark arts, all while fighting against the thing inside him that he has turned to for power. Still, he takes the time to enjoy the small things, and in his new friends he has found a reason to smile again.

Items in Possession:
Ammo Pouch

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PostSubject: Re: Raven Blair   Wed Oct 13, 2010 2:15 am


"Azrael": Named after the angel of death and a gift from his Father who originally wielded it, it is a great sword and one of Raven's prized possessions. The blade is a deep gray steel, at least five and a half feet long, and surprisingly heavy for a normal individual. The hilt is decorated in various skulls and points, appearing in a very gothic and unruly manner. On one side of the sword, the skull were the blade meets hilt is that of a human, but on the other side, two demonic horns jut from the skulls forehead. Raven cherishes the blade as if it were his own child, and he wields it with amazing speed and accuracy, especially for a weapon of its size.

Samehada: A large, sentient sword Raven took as his own after defeating Kisame Hoshigaki in combat. Commonly wrapped in bandages, Samehada is composed of thousands of downward facing scales used for shredding rather than a simple slice. The sword can also consume the energy of an opponent with each hit, though after the battle Samehada has been still, as if dead. Raven wields the large blade purely from a physical perspective.

The Twins:A pair of black-painted handguns, each detailed with small images of red roses on the grips. Raven uses them not only in long-range fire fights, but as close-range bludgeoning weapon (ala Pistol whips, etc.) In chaining with his techniques, Raven uses these weapons to either "juggle" his opponents in the air, or attack multiple enemies at once. While they are not the most powerful weapons against higher-powered beings, they are still extremely effective. The most devastating ability of these custom fire arms is that they can fire multiple types of ammunition, letting Raven use custom ammunition known as "Mage Hammers", which are sealed with various forms of elemental magic.

Throwing Knives: Steel knives with a specially weighted tip to ensure the blade hits almost every time. The hilts are wrapped in a black cloth, mainly for style.

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PostSubject: Re: Raven Blair   Wed Oct 13, 2010 2:16 am

Battle Techniques

Rave Macabre: Using a burst of speed and power, Raven will slash around him with blinding speed. This technique is used to either eliminate a large crowd of enemies, or to counter a barrage of attacks. It may also be used while running or in the air.

Frenzy-Go-Round: Utilizing almost all of his force, Raven throws his sword in a buzzsaw like motion. As he does, he utilizes Hell Hound: Hunting to burst ahead, landing on the spinning blade and supernaturally balancing on it. The sheer force keeps the blade spinning and in the air, as Raven twists his body to keep it going and maneuver the blade through the air. In this state, Raven takes up his guns and holds them out at this side, firing them at rapid speed. The attack is an absolute frenzy, used to take out large groups of enemies or eliminating places for a single enemy to run.

Lead Rain: Leaping into the air, Raven will flip upside down and spin at a very high rate, firing both of his guns in a circular motion. This technique is great for large groups of enemies, or can be concentrated on a single enemy.

Trick Shots: Raven's "insanely awesome marksmanship abilities", to quote him, give Raven the ability to fire pin-point accurate shots through means that nobody can. An excellent technique to catch an enemy off-guard of overwhelm a crowd when the scenario is right.

Belial Hammer: A non-lethal technique (depending on the strength-level of the target. Weaker enemies can still be killed by the sheer impact) that sees Raven turn his grip on the sword so that the flat side becomes the striking point.  Raven swings the blade, striking the enemy with brute force in the hopes of rendering them unconscious.

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PostSubject: Re: Raven Blair   Wed Oct 13, 2010 2:17 am

Demonic Art Techniques and Attacks

Energy Transfer: Using the minor abilities of demonic styles and emotional magic he possesses, Raven can transfer his own energy into his weapons, making them differ slightly in appearance and giving them a power boost. The transferred energy takes the form of a crimson aura that flows from the arms or hands of Raven and covers the weapon. If used on a firearm, the ammunition also gains the aura. The transfer can also be used as an attack which sees Raven grappling the opponent, commonly in a chokehold, before using the opponent as the catalyst of the transfer, the energy unable to mix with another living thing bursting out in a pillar of crimson and black flames that overwhelm the victim.

Cursed Wave: Raven transfers energy into his melee weapon before slashing out, sending a wave of red and black fire-like energy at his enemy(ies) in an attack similar to a whip. The attacks can be chained together in a combo.

Cursed Tempest: Raven slightly releases his restraint on his energy,letting it flow into his sword before swinging the blade once around his head, engulfing his body in a red and black fireball. In this state, he will charge at the enemy, connecting with sword strikes amplified by the burning of the flame-like energy around him, finishing the attack with a heavy finishing strike, sending the flame out in a mid-sized explosion.

Hell Hound: Biting: Raven freely flows his energy into some of his throwing knives. With a quick motion, he throws the blades, sending them in an arch at the target. What the knives make contact with will burst into flames on impact.

Hell Hound: Hunting: Using a burst of energy to move, Raven can speed around a small portion of land at levels that appear like he is teleporting. Due to the strain and amount of energy needed to perform, Raven can only use this technique six times a day before heavy draining effects are applied.

Blood Corruption: Raven allows the corruption set on him by the demonic ritual to seep deeper into his blood, unlocking and unleashing a large amount of energy from his body, engulfing himself in a crimson, flame-like aura and casting a crimson gleam in his eyes. Raven's Physical Strength, Speed, Endurance and Energy are increased by intervals, depending on the amount of control Raven surrenders to release the power. The more energy Raven unleashes, the more vicious he will become (along with his physical appearance), and the strain on his body will become greater. If Raven lets go of his control, the Blood Corruption will most likely wipe him out.

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PostSubject: Re: Raven Blair   Wed Oct 13, 2010 2:18 am

Limit Breaks

Hell Hound: All Guns Blazing!: Raven lets his energy run free, lashing out in a towering inferno that focuses into what appear as two flaming wings on his back, as well as a raging fiery aura on both guns. Raven takes aim, then fires over and over, each shot turned into a massive blast of crimson and black chaotic energy that crashes into the target and exploding on contact. After multiple blasts connect, Raven brings the guns together, charging up one final shot that results in a catastrophic explosion around the victim.

Summon Hell: Raven's energy explodes from his form, rocketing outwards in a size that could dwarf a small building. He brings his sword up over his head and begins to swing it in a circular motion, increasing with speed with each rotation. As he does, the flame-like power picks up and swirls around the entire battlefield, at times separating Raven and his target off from the rest of the world. The flames tower up incredibly high and burn everything they touch to smoldering nothingness. The heat that the flames give off is unbearable, easily able to kill 'normal' enemies and sear the flesh from more powerful opponents. Raven is able to control the inferno with swings of his sword, aiming to engulf an enemy or enemies and reduce them to ashes. As these 'flames' are not truly fire, it cannot be extinguished by typical methods (such as dousing it with water).

Onslaught Hades: After allowing his fiery energy to explode outward in a massive tower, Raven will concentrate all of his force into his sword. This concentration causes the form of the sword to change into an extremely bright, extremely hot reddish-orange. Raven will strike with the sword, causing a massive explosion and torrent of hell fire to lash out and consume everything from the point of contact on, burning with the heat of a small supernova. The strike itself is extremely powerful, the weight and impact of the blow amplified immensely by the concentration of energy within the blade. The flames from this attack cannot be manipulated, so this technique must be used with the utmost care            

Damnation Blade: ????
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PostSubject: Re: Raven Blair   

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Raven Blair
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