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 Skyfire Drache

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Skyfire Drache

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PostSubject: Skyfire Drache   Fri Oct 15, 2010 8:12 pm

My name is Drache, that's all you need to know.

Name:Skyfire Drache, but he can only remember Drache

Race: Terran Human

Age:looks about 25, but can't remember

Relationships:None, as of the moment

Recon and stealth:

Drache is a master of noticing what others would ignore or miss all together, spotting traps, and setting them in return. His true speciality is in avoiding detection. If Drache doesn't want you to find him, chances are, you're not going to find him. His new abilities make it even easier for him to avoid detection.

Close Quarters Combat and Danger Close
Drache's time in the Black Operations in the United States of America was spent playing to his skills. Since he lacked accuracy with almost any kind of weapon beyond a range of 10 ft, they trained him in weapons that required him to come closer than that. He can beat the speed of a sword with his combat knife, and his physical strength lets him knock swords aside. His gloves have steel plates on the inside of his hand and the back of his hands, allowing him to catch and block enemy weapons. He was also trained in the intricacies of explosive devices, allowing him to destroy enemy personelle and outposts from a safe distance.

Shadow Manipulation:
The abilities he gained when he travelled to this world come now in several stages:

Shadow deflection:
Shadows, normally are an incoporeal thing, and remain so except when Drache is holding them, as such, they don't make good physical defence, but he can use them in many ways to avoid detection. One such way is his ability to 'pin' his shadow to another object, allowing him to walk around without one, essentialy throwing his enemies on the wrong trail. Another such move is Shadow Blanket. If he is standing in a spread of Shadow, he can reach down and literally pull the shadow up and over him, rendering him invisible from every angle except directly behind.

Shadow Assault:
Shadows upon the ground are incoporeal when Drache uses them, but when he creates them, it's a very, very solid object. He uses this in a couple of different ways, he creates several common melee weapons, turning mostly to a mid-length partisan spear. If he's facing more than one enemy, he changes the tip to a sword blade, allowing him to perform wide sweeping strikes. Drache has one magazine of metal bullets remaining from the real world, the other three are full of Shadow bullets he created whenever one emptied. He can also create charges of shadow energy that he can detonate at will.

Behaviour regarding light:
Light is a complicated thing when it comes to shadows. When it is coming from one direction, and moving in one direction, such as the sun during the day, and the moon at night, he can easily manuever the shadows anywhere around him, but, if the light should be produces in and from all directions, he cannot hold anyshadows within a sphere of the object that is producing the light, the size depends on the intensity of the light.

Drache was a Black Operative, his true name is something he can't even remember, the world doesn't know he exists. He was the best of the best, whenever something needed doing, when failure wasn't an option, they called Skyfire Drache to reign judgement down on the enemies of the state. Drache watched as his enemies burned under his guidence, as life was snuffed out by his hands. He was returning from his latest mission when it happened. He was sitting outside of the war room, waiting to receive his debriefing for the destruction of the WMD outpost. The light he was sitting under flickered on and off as he waited. His eyes grew heavy as he ran through his report in his head.

That's when it happened. He felt a pair of hands grab him by the wrists and pulled him down in the flicker of a light. He felt Blind and Deaf, he opened his mouth to scream, but darkness filled it, entering his mind and soul. He felt the weight of the darkness pressing in on him, and then, it was gone. He felt a lightness under him. He could feel the grass against the bared skin. He blinked his eyes open and found himself staring into the sun through the branches of a tree. He sat up and took in his surroundings. It didn't take long to realize he wasn't in Kansas anymore, and even less time to realize he was going to have to learn a whole new set of rules

His years in the Black Ops have tempered him. He will only share with people what he finds to be on a need to know basis, and at this point in time, with his knowledge of this world, that's pretty much just his name. The only way anyone will get him to say anything more than what is needed is if they were to show him a display of such Courage, Loyalty, and Strength, that it completely blows him away. If it is to be, it will happen, but trying to proove it to him will only distance you from him.

Items in possession:
A M1911 Semi-suto handgun with 5 Shadow magazines and one live ammo magazine
A standard issue combat knife
a survival pack, complete with pup tent, canteen, three weeks of food rations, a bedroll, a first aid kit, some flint and tinder, and a pair of binoculars
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Skyfire Drache
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